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AAAAAAA (A)     16 January 2013

Seeking help...

I left husband's house because his behaviour was very in human and troublesome for me.He made a complaint against me because my mother came to meet me. Then i gave my written statement about the troubles caused by him. But i mention in my statement that i don't want any criminal case against my husband because i was having a hope that soon he and family members will realize his mistake and i'll return to him. But he didn't realise. Even he filed a case against me and my family members. During investigation police submitted the report that the case is false. He and his family members were involved in sending letters to the officials of all my family members with lot of bogus allegations and requested those officials for taking disciplinaary action. Then they started for asking departmental action through RTI. After that i filed a complain under 498 a and he got arrested. After getting bail he approached me, convinced me and I returned back to his house. Again he started all activities. Even this time it was more painful and troublesome. He hit me so many times. He copied all my contact details from my mobile and called to everyone to say bull-sh*t about me. He warned me that he will defame me and my family members. After 40 days again i returned back. The case is under investigation.

Now he is sending letters to the officials of my family members with allegations and with the copy of FIR which is already closed. Now he is asking for leave details of those who came to my house to take me from his place when he hit me badly. He is asking that let him know through RTI that they were on leave or not?? The nature of leave? What they have mentioned the reason for taking leave. He want the copy of that through RTI. He is sending the letters to the SP of our town for taking action against me and my family members. Please suggest me the ways to get rid of all these things.


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SRIBHASHYAM MURALIDHAR (Advocate)     16 January 2013

Let him gather information, nobody can stop him from doing so. you inform to your witnesses, about what to give evidence in the court. tYou can file complaint against him under Domestic Voilence Act.

Chetan Joshi (Advisory/Advocacy)     17 January 2013

File an application in the relevant court including all what happened. The bail will get cancelled and your husband will be arrested...



Dont worry about his tactis to scare you...




ABHISHEK KUMAR VATSA (Freelancer)     17 January 2013

hi first of all i really am proud along with a guit feeling that i m an Indian man. here wife care so much about there husbands that they will bear any kind of torture from them and still try to save them and guilt feeling because instead of such a devotion and love we just keep on doing what we are doing .

Now first of all you file a complain to nearest police station about him,like this his bail would be cancelled and also file a suit for dv if want. he should have to learn his lesson  and it would be better to take support of some women organisation

for any further query


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Rahul Kapoor (Legal Enthusiast)     17 January 2013


you should file a NCR in police related to his activities.

have u filed divorce ?



Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     17 January 2013

Hello AAAA ,

Your husband is damn smart and dont let casual attitude I guess in your complaint of physical harrassment that so and so saved you in so and so date. If they applied leave on any other reason, he will come up with that through RTI and claim your evidence is false. Got it? Play accordingly, if your husband has smart lawyer, for sure, your side will be screwed. hence scrutinize your complaint and think in all perspective before moving further.

Advocate Vishnu (Advocate)     17 January 2013

Pl file an additional case under Domestic violence act .He is filing the RTI just to scare away the people who will come in your support. Nothing to worry. 

AAAAAAA (A)     17 January 2013

Thanks Shribhushyam.. Can I know what information I can collect through his officials so that he involve in those n we ppl can get sm relief....really he is creating much problems before us....

AAAAAAA (A)     17 January 2013

thanks to all for reply...plz tell me how his bail can be cancelled? wat is the procedure for that?? He is in Andhra Pradesh and I m in UP...Kindly suggest...because me n my family facing a lot of problems because of him...he spoiled my life and nw i want to get rid of all these conditions....When I can file divorce??? How much time it will take to get divorce?

Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     18 January 2013

Dear Vishnu Sir, Disagree. If you look at men who use RTI to gather info, they all have clear stratergies. And when they pressed 498a he smarty acted to her and cancelled it, now if she goes agin, he will have AB on the very same ground.

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stanley (Freedom)     18 January 2013

@ Author

I go against the odds of the above repliers  

As you have mentioned that your husband hit you badly  hence i presume you had  been  taken to a hospital and treated for your wounds etc for which it was the duty of the hospital to report the same to the police or vice versa could you please confirm the same . Do you have the Medical certificate for the same mentioning the details  . 

Only than would your case have some weight age ??

rajiv_lodha (zz)     18 January 2013


If a person has not committed any wrong why he/she shud worry about any departmental action or RTI landing in his office?

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     19 January 2013

Your query is very-very vague.  It does nto give the idea of your trouble.


be clear who gave complaint against who and to who?


What sougthof departmental iqnuriy is being aske dagainst who, by whom ?


filing RTI definitely is not harassement.

AAAAAAA (A)     27 January 2013

It's not a vague query. The story is too long to explain. I have written few main points only. My husband is collectiong information as all of u said. It's ok. What he want to do after collecting all thses ? What should I do? If it's just to scare us then am i supposed to be silent on this issue? He is also sending letters to the school of my cousin who is class 11 student and he mentioned in the letter that he is not from a good background. His family members even he also involved in some cases and FIR in against them. Take disciplinary action and spell him out from his school. Actually when he registered FIR against me, he also mentioned the name of my cousin because few days before this incident he went to meet me with my mother.  What should I do? Being silent is the only way or anything else? Please suggest me. 

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     27 January 2013

OK If you have sosme material against you then definitely you have to worry about RTI.

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