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root of crime is our social structure

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friends here i will show how root of crime is our social structure itself. the society is structured in such a way that you have to do crime if you want to live a good life.

for example: why people steal things? there are 2 probable reason: 1] necessity, 2] greed. but why necessity and greed arises? let us analyze it one by one.

necessity: you need food,clothing and shelter to live a human life. but the price of these necessities increases daily but your income is not increasing. now if you steal food, clothing and shelter, would you be blamed for that? or is it continual rising of price is the main reason of stealing here?

our govt. should also be blamed for this stealing since it is the duty of the govt. to provide us necessiy.it failed to do so. hence stealing.

if price of the necessary things don't rise and govt. help you raise your income level, why should you steal at all?

also without necessary things how could you survive? you cannot be blamed for your  stealing of necessary thing.

so the main guilt of your stealing food, shelter and clothing are as follows:

1] govt. policy of rising price of necessary items

2] govt. inactivity to raise your income level

but who got blamed? you. main culprits are still lurking beneath fake judicial system.

greed: you have a desire to buy a particular luxury watch.this desire is not bad. you don't have money to buy. the watch is too costly. so you decided to steal. you see the main reason behind your stealing is your inability to buy that watch and the reason of your inability is the high price of that watch.if the price is much too low, then you would not steal that watch. so the pricing policy is the real culprit behind your stealing.  it is pricing policy which is to be blamed. but who got blamed in reality: you.

i just show that the cause that abet theft is either govt. policy or private company's policy and not you. these things are not blamed only you got blamed.in this way the root cause of many crime will be found in bad social policy.

some may say that some people are born thief. their nature is to steal. but this is wrong because if the nature of people is to steal, then they will steal from the time they woke up to the time they get back to sleep. such case is not found at all. even a mafia don buy food and do not steal food.

now the most important part is: if cause of crime is bad social structure then what is the role of punishment here?

the answer to this question is that punishment is an eyewash or eye candy. it is used just to cool people down so that bad social structure will continue.actually this bad social structure benefits a handful few. they want to keep this social structure intact. thats why they design punishment.

the more deadly the punishment is, the more it cool people down. the quicker people cool down, the better it is for those handful few. the root cause of all crime, the bad social structure goes on.

that's why there is more crime even after punishment.

if punishment is the answer to the crime, then why not put the entire society to jail so that there will be no crime?

but this is ridiculous.those handful few know that very well.

time has come to think on these issues more carefully. if we do not think, we will never be able to have a better society.




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