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Hello All, 

I am working in a psu bank. i have resigned on 28.1.19 and as per rules, i have to serve for a period of three months as notice period. I have served the same and notice period has got over on 27.4.19. Meanwhile, my previous boss under whom i served before transfering to present branch, have complained about me that the I was having one credit file whose insurance has been expired and i failed to get renewed the same and a fire occurred at the premises of the party whose insurance was expired and as on date the said account has turned NPA. However, as per rules as written in the service regulations:

) An officer shall not leave or discontinue his service in the Bank without first giving a 
notice in writing of his intention to leave or discontinue his service or resign. The period 
of notice required shall be three months and shall be submitted to the Competent 
Authority as prescribed in these regulations. 
Provided further that the Competent Authority may reduce the period of three months, 
or remit the requirement of notice. 
(3) (i) An officer against whom disciplinary proceedings are pending shall not 
leave/discontinue or resign from his service in the Bank without the prior approval 
in writing of Competent Authority and any notice of resignation given by such an 
officer before or during the disciplinary proceedings shall not take effect unless it 
is accepted by the Competent Authority. 
(ii) Disciplinary proceedings shall be deemed to be pending against any employee for 
the purpose of this regulation if he has been placed under suspension or any 
notice has been issued to him to show cause why disciplinary proceedings shall 
not be instituted against him and will be deemed to be pending until final orders 
are passed by the Competent Authority. 
(iii) The officer against whom disciplinary proceedings have been initiated will cease 
to be in service on the date of superannuation but the disciplinary proceedings will 
continue as if he was in service until the proceedings are concluded and final 
order is passed in respect thereof. The concerned officer will not receive any pay 
and/or allowance after the date of superannuation. He will also not be entitled for 
the payment or retirement benefits till the proceedings are completed and final 
order is passed thereon except his own contributions to CPF.

in view of above, i feel that since i have been not served any notice till date and the notice period has already been completed.. Iegally i must be relieved.. 

please guide



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