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Abhishek Mawle (x)     18 March 2011

Relief From Bank

Four Years ago I obtained an education loan from State Bank of India to do my Master’s in Business Administration in USA, please pardon me for my language, but most of the American citizens which includes law enforcement people too, treat new immigrants worse than dogs especially Asians.


I have a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering with Distinction. I also have certifications in MCSE 2003 and CCNA


I am a person who like every other person prefers to live life with self-respect; I do not think America today offers it. On the contrary it is full of deceitful and cunning people most of them in its law enforcement.


I was in USA from 2007 - 2010.I was trying to get my master's from Texas A & M University and one day while playing lawn tennis I hurt my back and had a torn meniscus in my left knee. I went to University hospital to get treated buy they would not accept my insurance from India.


I went to emergency room at christus Spohn and they said it is not life threatening hence they would not treat it.


I went and I complained to the International students advisor at the university about the state of affairs for foreign students and I told to her, informed my professors about my situation and left for India for treatment.


When I came back, I requested the professors to let me take the test next semester, they refused.


I complained to the dean at that university about the attitude of professors and she next day filed a false complaint that I am a terrorist who is trying to assassinate the vice president Dick Cheney and also trying to blow up the university Building.


I was detained by the police and secret service of vice president.

Simultaneously I was expelled from the university. Here’s the link to that news


I filed an appeal with the US federal court in Corpus Christi, Texas suing the University.


In the mean time I lost my immigration status. I was helped by my lawyer who is of polish origin.


The case went against me in the court in spite of the fact university was not able to substantiate any of the charges leveled against me.


Similar Instances have happened to other students I remember of one famous case that of IIT Gold Medalist Vikram Buddhi he is right now serving time on the alleged charge of threatening to assassinate the President George Bush and his advisors, which is also unsubstantiated.


My Lawyer and I wrote to the Minister for community affair at New York, USA several times but they never gave me any support. If this were to be the case of any son/daughter of a minister or an IAS officer the treatment would have been different.


Now State Bank of India has sent a notice demanding me to repay the education loan of Rs 15 lakhs taken from them to complete my Master’s Program in USA, which I could not complete Is there any way this loan can be waived since Ministry of External affairs nor the then Indian Government did not support me which resulted in discontinuation of my studies and return to India.


I am paying for my nice behavior.


My question is there anyway I can get this loan waived, since I did not benefit from Educational Loan given by State Bank of India. How do I reply to their Notice.


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Kumar Doab (FIN)     18 March 2011

You have Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering with Distinction, and were a brilliant student.

You must have obtained the loan from place you resided in India.

Use your and family's rapport to talkin confidence to the bank and how to approach the bank for relief.

Bank has to recover the loan+ interests.

It was the duty of Indian Consulate/Ministry of external affairs, to support you.

There has been lot of hues and cry thse days on Indian indiscriminated and subdued in foreign countries and media helped to raise the issue.

The coalition Govt. in power took some steps.

You may reprsent to P. Chidambaram who himnself is lawyer and PM. take the help of a good lawyer/law firm, NGO and most importantly Media.

You may represent to O P Bhat

Om Prakash Bhatt 

State Bank of  India
State Bank of India, State Bank Bhawan, 4th floor, Madame Cama Road , Mumbai-400 021,
 (022) 2202 2799


Dear Abhishek

You seem to do everything right on this Earth. Why do you wish break that tradition and get the loan waived?


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