What LCI have done to You?

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Dear Members & Experts, at this auspicious occasion on the landmark event of reaching 1 Lakh members, i call you to share your unforgottable moments with LCI ....................

For justice and dignity

I'm the first one.....


This is a great platform for gaining and sharing knowledge,have healthy debates and discussions,not to forget the free legal advice offered here.


Now what LCI has done,which is unforgettable is the bitter truth..


They  have put 1 hr. restriction on me for some unknown reason,which only they know,even though I have been contributing selflessly here..


Others can post more than once in one hr.,not me :(

Despite writng to the Admin 3-4 times,nothing has been done to remove this restriction,that further intensifies my beliefs that LCI is partial towards certain people.Another such person facing the restriction is Renuka Gupta


On on this day of celebration,if LCI removes this restriction,then it will be very nice



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Aravinthan, you pope up the right Q as we reached landmark of 100k. Yes, I was on the brim of giving up my Legal profession, but LCI gaves me a new lease of life in the Legal profession. Thanks to LCI. As we mark the 100K, I would urged the LCI members to concetrate more on the wondarous of human body and not the machines like the Computer, Internet etc.


I hope lci will remove restriction on roshni and renuka on the event of 1 lakh members celebration.

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WELL DONE. And I mean it.


On the occasion of Celebration we should come out of routine and enjoy memorising good thing.


Impovement is a continue process and there is ever a place for it.


On this occasion, I hope that LCI will also continue this process.



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Enjoying 1 Lakh members 


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Search Roshni about your postings.



Congratulations LCI.


A personal Note : My other friends, who have been sending messages to me asking why I am not appearing on the forum, thank you very much for so much of affection and concern with which you write to me. 


It was not so much the restriction on me( our proverbial one hour restriction)--- though partially this was the reason-- that kept me away, but my own preoccupation with my work which involves a lot of travelling. 


I am sorry to know that the restriction is slapped on Roshni also. 


It is inconvenient for anyone who is under this sort of restriction:


people would have time to engage with this forum when they are relatively free and they would like to skim through the threads and would decide which thread they want to reply. If there is no such restriction, one would like to respond to threads of his /her interest in one sitting. It's inconvenient to wait for one hour...precisely because one has also to go about one's work. 


Coming to what personally I gained form this forum:


1) some very good freinds and advisors 


2) Excellent citations


3) I have also benefitted from various advice given to men on how to avaoid maintenance etc., how to silently collect evidence etc., to caution women who are fighting their battles in the court


3) Most interestingly I have seen a microcosm of the world of women and men and how they engage with one another and  perceive one another, especially in Family forum


3) Learnt how a particular ideology is suppressed, and the methods of  suppressing it. Going through recent threads , I have learnt how threads are converted into threats  by someone called Sankat Mochan who seems to be one of the members of the core team of LCI but does not keep decorum required by a core team member. When we are in a core team we are more tolerant, more patient and have more skills of coordination with mutial respect than expected from other members. 


I suppose this great occasion should be an occasion for celebrating constructive feedback so that the site can carry on its great work more efficiently. 


I did greatly enjoy engaging in this forum and would like to be an active member, when time allows me. 


I wish LCI all the very best and wish that this time of celebration can also leave some space for introspection on how to make the system  more transparent and a little more impartial. 


These are my personal views and they do not imply any disrespect to anyone.


Well done LCI and many congrats again...





Gender Researcher

Dear All, 


this is to clarify that I have used the ID of Ambika to send across my message as my message was not going and I did want to convey what I wanted to convey.

Many may wonder how I know Ambika. She is currently participating in a gender training facilitated by me in Jharkhand, and we are using some material from LIC to discuss on how men perceive women and about gender stereotypes. I beleive now Ambika also is under one hour's restriction, because when I was trying to send message through her ID, the message came that she can post only after an hour.

My this note is to clarify any issue which may crop up about my ID. 

Regards to all


For justice and dignity

Originally posted by :LEGAL VICTIM
Search Roshni about your postings.




I did not get you....


what do you mean to say in this sentence??




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