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i am one of the men who decided to marry a stupid women and i am facing the consequence of it.

i got married in jan 2008 my wife left me and went to her my in laws place in sep 2008 for delivery of my child from the time she married she was always looking to seprate me from my parents.we had lots of heated arguments till november 2008 i was visting her but after one fight she told me not to come and see her and see has also thretended of comitting sucide more then thrice. so i thought she would change as time goes by but the communication between both of us stopped in november 08 son was born in january 09.status i have gone to my wife's place with my friend and i saw that my kid is with the maid and she has been working from august 09 so when i enetered there house she & her parents were not there and i spent some time with the kid and gave the maid all that i got for my son and late afternoon i recieved a call from there local police station that there is complaint against me from my wife i went with my lawyer and reply was filled and any further proceedings will be handeled in the family court which was given by both me and my wife.

so i filled RCR with visiting rights in november 09 in jan10 it came along with visitation rights but my wife did not bring the child and the judge asked her to bring the child next time to the court but unfortunately the judge was on leave for the second hearing and i still dont have the visiting rights and 2 counseling sessions have gone and she is adament on divorce and the councilors this time told to decide.

now last week i recieved a notice from women cell asking me to appear in the station that my wife has filled a complaint against me and the constable who served the notice told me she wants her things back.

my question is when the RCR case is in trial can she file a case to return her things?

and if they insist that i need to give her things back then can i ask for my things to be given back?

if they donot give my things back what option i have?

How can i get the visiting rights fast bcz its now 2 months over after filling the same and why  the judge insisting on seeing the child.

If she does not bring the child to the court again how can i convince the judge for visiting rights?

What is the minimum time given for visiting rights

if she does not decide to agree for mutual divorce can i file a divorce and what is the maintenance i need to give for my kid as i know i dont need to pay her any alimony as she is working and she is the one who is asking for divorce?


dear vs, it is not nice to use a bad proverb before a person publicly. i have full sympathy to you but please correct the same by withdrawing the first line of your posting.

whether she received the rcr notice? whether she submitted the ws of her?

in the police station you claim your articles by putting a list before the cell. and exchange your articles. inform cell about the rcr , also tell court's  order about the visitation right and how you deprived from it? give a written representation to cell showing all points of you. get sign on it by cell as receipt.

do not show any disrespect about your wife, at cell. it will go against you and will help her.

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If a husband beats his wife during a household fight.( a husband is beating only if she uses bad words).

Is this act, punishable if wife files a complaint, if punishable for how many months/yrs & is it bailable.


a husband is beating only if she uses bad words - might be it is your's case. but sometimes other thing also happen.

Is this act, punishable if wife files a complaint, if punishable for how many months/yrs & is it bailable. - if filed under 498a - maximum 3 years. non bailable.


But in case of mutual divorce, what is the procedure?

Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh

Mutual divorce can be obtained by filing a joint petition under section 13 of Hindu Marriage Act.


Thank you sir, if man would like to propose the mutual divorce first, will it be a ground of dessertion?



yes she has recieved the rcr notice and she has come to the family court now twice.

no she has not submitted any written statement.

thx for your advice.

what are the options left to me for getting the mutual divorce or is it better for me to fie divorce if i do much maitenance i need to pay for my kid?



Mr Subhalaxmi,  No. One copy of mutual divorce act sent to you as pm.




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