1st rape,false promise of marriage and cheating

My boyfriend is 27 and me 24yrs.He is a sailor in Indian Navy.He was my friend.1st he raped me then as i wanted to complain he stopped me by saying that he will marry me.If i will not accept he will show my nude pics to everyone.Then i accepted his proposal.After that he used me s*xually and now refusing me to marry by doing s*xual abuse in front of everybody.I'm having Photos,phone recordings(that he will marry me)and witnesses for s*xual relation.Please give me legal advice so that i can marry him.I wan't to marry him at any cost or else i had to commit a sucide being a girl i belong to an orthodox family i can't face the society i even have a younger sister.Above that he is calling all my friends and telling them that i had s*xual relation with many other boys and all stuff


dear cherry, you threaten him by saying that will file a case against him in military court, and said him you will send a complaint with evidence to his admiral, i am sure he will be sent off duty for discipline, behaviour, just try it out, lets see it works or not. advocate Sripartha, Partha_Advocate@yahoo.co.in


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Now also you can file a criminal case against your boyfriend.

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There are few questions which I'm not able to resolve::


1. Why would any girl succumb to such unwanted advances of a boy who has raped her?

2. Why would she agree to marry her own rapist?

3. How did he got nude photos of this girl?

4. Can a boy rape a girl and parallelly take photos/videos as well?

5. How does the girl has proofs in the form of photos, phone recordings and the girl has gone to a level of witnesses if s*xual relations???

6. A girl who is so sharp and intellectual to keep so many proofs against the boy but fails to stop him from playing with her body?

7. Why is the girl still interested to marry her own rapist who is still defaming her and still threatening her?


To me it seems thst the girl was mad about this boy and in this madness she went to cross the social barriers and ended up in bed. But now when she is so much deep into this mess which she herself ccreated in collaboration with the boy, she now want the boy to clean it!!




For your post there are many ways to get him do ALL what you want. You have S.376IPC, S.417IPC, S.506IPC, S.354IPCand other sections in IT Act. If these are not enough to threaten him., lodge a complaint with police. I;m damn sure police wont register your case but would ask you if you want to settle this matter. Also they might ask you some money to register the case if you insist. Choice is yours!! Just thining again before taking any step. Only god knows (after you two) what actually happened between your and your boyfriend. By twisting/turning the situation into your favor you may get him in this material world but by soul he would curse you through-out life. If your story is true, then do not marry this boy ever!!




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Also adding to my above questions one more struck my mind::


8. Sailor in Indian Navy has so much time to rape a girl repeatedly and yet convince her for marriage.....????


Mr.Saurabh has raised important questions which needs to be clarified by the  applicant.  Further,  I do not think that  anyone can compel a person to marry her unless he is willing.  If at all such a marriage takes place, it may not last long.   Moreover, when Ms.Cherry  is  seeking legal guidance for legal remedy to be sought,  it is likely that the person concerned  would be on the defensive only, and no marriage as dreamed by her can take place. Of course, if Ms.Cherry  wants to teach the person a lesson, she should resort to legal actions through a good lawyer at her local place.   From the facts stated by her, there are good chances for a strong case for her.


He cannot do anything as law is alwys towards your side . You are woman and will get all support from police, court and society and better to live like brave person and ignored him and take action and put him behind the bars


i had already doing those from january 2011 but i didnot get any response he has always been sent on leave when ever i complain to their commander  then he got transferred to ship and right now he even got transferred to A.P. So the navy officials are also trying to help him out


ok sir




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