Performance of DV Act in last 5 Years for you the victims

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DV Act in 5 years Vs. performance of Wife’s Chanda Development Ministry (WCD)

@ Hema @ Law officer

I found in one of your reply post that you challenged Statistics of low conviction rate as claimed by of some of the men’s right activities group and thus I felt you are found of hard core statistics to back our claims (read we donot wear rainbow glasses as you all do). 


Now below is one of the RTI reply statistics of sloppy fate of DV Act by victims for victims themselves. I hope you may consider next time talking with real statistics in hand instead of hawabazi on why acquittal happens in real Courts



DV Complaints

Charges Framed

Interim Orders in 60 days






















Now can I see your statistics on when you say conviction rates are higher than what we Men's Rights Activists claim in public forums and mind it RTI Replies are treated as Evidence under Indian Evidence Act so I did not make up above last Sunday and this is a reply from Wife’s Chanda Development Ministry (WCD) and well quoted even in National daily not mine J

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Domestic violence is all based on prima  - Facie. Interim maintainance is passed within 3 months. Do not simply talk. Can u upload RTI reply by scanning and uploading it. I hope u will do it

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Thank you, T for these statistics. Since the majority of these cases are filed by scheming females for grabbing easy money, without any serious evidence, there is very poor conviction rate for these cases. Many of the accused yield to blackmail and settle out of court.

Real DV is when frustrated men from working classes return home every night fully drunk and work out their frustrations on the poor woman who has to keep the children fed by working as servants. Jadoo poncha bartan. This act meant for such women is hijacked by pseudo-educated urbanised sluts to exact revenge on their spouses.

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Originally posted by :Shivaprasad Rao


Can u upload RTI reply by scanning and uploading it. I hope u will do it


Unfortunately you touched base with a wrong @ Author here and registering your a/c in Jan. 2011 and this being your only message in a public forum !

1. The matter is sub judice before Hon'ble SC in a SLP and RTI reply as secondary Evidence already filed in a Supplementary Affidavit and it can't be uploaded till SLP's disposal.

2. As substitute why don't you send RTI and know yourself and then come back and let us do real talk on subject matter.  

3. I am beyond hawabazee in public forums as all my previous messages on RTI if so speak shall speak for myself now discover yourself my this self statement.


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 @ Vishwa

What is so compelling for a so called educated person like you to use profanities against ladies in public forums????. You leave a bad taste in my mouth to begin with by using in your above reply such words and phrases.

Can't you educated people do away with such words in public forums.

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This is sad.. Women are actually finding easy ways of making money. We call ourselves a male dominated society, but give more preference to the women..I know there is a bill on irretreivable breakdown of marriage which is to be approved in the parliament, which will easily take another 10 years for the sloppy govt we have.

Men have to be real safe before getting married, else face mental trauma like the above


Dear Tajobs,

You are right, decorum has to be maintained in this forum. I guess I got carried away because of great injustices I have suffered. However you will note that harsh words were not directed any particular individual but against a class of particularly vicious females. In any case, really indecent words are filtered out by the forum administration.

law officer


I really pity you, so much obsession for men's rights brought you down to such levels, you lost the logic of understanding statistics.  In my earlier post I quoted about Section 498-A conviction rate and I said that it is low but not as low as men's activists project (you say it is only 2 to 3%, where as 2009 statistics released by the National crime records bureau says it is 19%).  As a rebuttal, you place Domestic violence Act statistics (According to you they are obtained under RTI, but is privileged information as it is secondary evidence in SC - If it is not hawabazi, what is hawabazi) but unfortunately those figures do not support your case.  If the above statistics are read with the reports of the various committees on the implementation of DV Act, the following inferences come out:

1.  There is not proper awareness about DV Act in the society. Women as well as men do not know about this Act.  Even in the metropolitan cities, the awareness about this Act and women's rights under various laws  is minute.  (In recent survey in the country's capital city, only 23% women only heard about this Act and they also do not know what is the protection this Act gives to them and the other 77% never heard about this Act).

2.  Most of the Magistrate courts, without knowing the provisions of the Act, follow the strict principles of Cr.P.C. calling the applicant as complainant, respondent as accused, demanding the presence of respondents in person, giving personal exemption to the accused only for that date on the basis of application moved by accused, issuing non-bailable arrest warrants if the accused does not present, etc. etc. (you see, even vishwa used the word accused and acquittal)

3.  The State Governments have not appointed protection officers, recognized service providers and the budgetary allocation for propogation of this Act is left unutilized.

4.  In some cases, the service providers, refusing to go to the house of husband to prepare DIR or to serve court notices/summons even at  the command of the court saying that the husband's family members and their Mohalla people are attacking them.

On the basis of this, study the above statistics.  There are less number of cases registered.  Even though, interim relief provision is there, only a few people are availing them.  We do not know by above statistics whether, there were interim applications filed by the applicant and were rejected. We cannot say in every DV there will be necessarily interim relief application.  It also talks about "charges framed", where as in DV Act, charge framing provision is not there.

Try some other statistics, the above table does not serve your purpose.

By the way, how many times, men's rights activists are punctured by Indian courts in respect of DV Act.

They demanded DV Act cannot be operated retrospectively - TURNED DOWN.

They demanded respondents shall not be women - TURNED DOWN.

DIR is compulsory before giving interim relief - TURNED DOWN.

It is better to understand that not only a wife, a father for his daughter, a brother for his sister, a son for his mother, a grand father for his grand daughter are thankful for this Act .  Along with every suffering woman of matrimonial offence, her male natal relatives also suffer.

This is my last post on this thread.

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@ Hema

Wait ji I will make you come back in due course of time to this very post with my para wise replies supported by  annexures including NCRB data’s.

Abhi to debate warm up hua hai apki 1st reply se abhi kaha ja rahi hai aap...........

When confronted in public forums you ladies always say 'this is my last post on this thread" why shy away madam.....all I am asking is patience I will like you to come back sooner than later to this thread by same name or by any other alias..............

Apko saab statistics / datas / rti scan copies dunga yehi issi thread mei.


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ha eik aur baat ........... tabtak yeh video suno aap tan / man / dimag laga kar ki OCD kisko hai  {I really pity you, so much obsession for men's rights brought you down to such levels - this is my reply to your first sentence}

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