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Originally posted by :ShriGopal Soni
" Dutch MPs effectively ban ritual slaughter of animals



Thanks ShriGopalJi.



But in my view, Why KILL those poor innocent animals ? Kill those Religions Spreading peoples instead....




Last year i was chatting with an internet friend who chatted long hours with me regarding the advancements of Science & Technologies. He is a German Scientist.



He said that, Now Meat can be produced in the lab. Such meat can be taken orally, It look like meat, tastes like meat, and it's Much more nutritious than Real Meat. He also said that most human organs too can be generated in the lab at a reasonable cost.



But generating those meats or those organs are prohibited to science by the laws that says and follows the Religions Spreading Peoples & the World Law-making Leaders who follows them. They "Inquallab-Zindabaad" against those Scientific Researches by saying "It's an Act of Action where Humans are trying to play God"



According to those peoples, one can Snatch a Kidney, Liver, heart from a living Human being, but sould not generate one for replacement using the Lab.... One can Kill an animal for meat to eat, but souldn't generate such meat in the lab.  (Such meats are now used only for the purpose of providing meats to astronomers in space )



So this is where those Religion Spreading Peoples are leading us toward.... and those world Leaders too are following them.... LOL



So keep the Killings of Innocent Animals, and Kudos to the world for their Saving of lives by "Snatching Live Human Organs" . 


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well said dipangkar....

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