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How to safeguard against suicide threat


            i am in lots of tension nowadays as i am facing suicide threats from my wife. She has even attempted it once.

 And the reason for suicide threat is that i am more inclined towards my family and i have not given her enough love and care which makes her feel alone. All this is happening despite my best efforts to take her out for shopping , lunch, dinner , movie. I have also taken her to counsellor as she is very bad tempered and gets angry very fast.

We have had little arguments since marriage just like between every husband and wife. But her rukus behaviour always prevents me from going close. So i have a situation where she is forcing me to come close irrespective of our problems or her misbehaviour .

I have told her many times that a solution can worked out but first this angry and suicidal behaviour has to stop. She agrees with everything and says that her suicide threats are wrong but still her behaviour goes unabated. I have told her clearly that she needs help for her anger and have focibly sent her back to her parents as i am scared of her now in current situation.

Earlier she use to threaten me with divorce and when i said one day , that we can go ahead for it, she threatened with suicide.

When she is cool and calm she is a wondeful person but these suicide threats are just hanging like sword on my head.

Whole thing has been explained to her family and have told them categorily that i am scared of her and can't continue like this. When she had attempted suicide, her family and my family signed a letter that stated that in future if she attempts suicide then she and her family will be responsible for it.

I want to know is that letter sufficient to safeguard my family? or any thing else needs to be done.

Please help


You must bring the thing into the knowledge of local police. That means you must write a letter to local police stating all her activities. This is a short of advance declaration from your side.



            Thanks for the reply.

But if i go and inform local police, will it be like they will visit our place and all? Because if my in laws come to know that we are taking such safeguard action then it might spoil things further.

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Every wife's complaint is that husband gives much attention towards parents and not caring her etc.,  Take her to trip for two to three days  spend time with her and convince her in a good spot about the life and importance of the parents so she can change her mind.


Thanks for reply.

I agree with you and I have tried that a lot but her ego comes in her way. It is very hard to explain to her that she needs to change her view here and work over issues. When counsellor tried to explain things to her, she feels counsellor is biased.

I had never imagined even in my wildest of dreams that she will give suicide threats over such issues and my biggest priority right now is to safeguard myself and my family from these threats.

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get a  job abroad and escape.


by avoiding marriage , if married already get divorced. till then u have to face it.


  Acccording to me, sometimes u should  give extra times to ur wife because this time she  needs love. she feel dat her husband lovs his parents more than it will be realize her dat u r only for her bt  duty to tke care is also important for u.


Thanks for the reply.

I agree with your point and willing to work to get the relationship going but these threats are scary. I am feeling insecure and pressurised.


The best thing is:

1) Start living seperately with her for atleast 2 yrs..this wud remove difference and might even change her attitude for ur family as well as u..(she might also understand importance of ur family ,.,,also u might understand the importance of wife and timely respect nd love given 2 her

2)ALso inform local police about keep ur family safe..

I am sure if u start living seperately, u both wud be more responsible and rational in nature and ur relationship would sustain...




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