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I am married (8 yrs ago) & have 6yrs daughter. Most of the time we, as a family lived away from my in-laws house. Misunderstandings went on increasing & being short tempered, my husband filed divorce petition suddenly 3months ago. It fell like a catastrophe on me & I am totally stunned by the developments. He went away leaving me & daughter alone in the rented house & created story that I threw him away at middle of night with humiliation 15 days ago b4 date of actual separation. Somehow I sent the child to him after that & moved to my parents’ house. All are worried. Husband says at reconciliation meeting in court– I am fed up with the non-cordial domestic environment & will try my best to get rid of wife. No breakthrough. I am in govt job which I find very difficult to continue as I have practically no shelter at that city.

What is the remedy; o’wise my life will be spoiled. I can not stay long at parents' house


if u dont want to stay with ur husbend -thaen , i can demand -smthing -for servive ur life -according to -maintennence act -, 125-, as soon as posible-----dont  take -this hard disciotion ,

                                                               i m just advicing u ----, if u feel better --------


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wat relef do u seek in 125?

by the way how much is his salary ? how much is urs?

seek a legal opinion in chamber , there can be a gud remedy under some other act.

try to find actual reason of his such a behaviour. does he have a gf ?


firstly if u r govt employee u can ask for Staff Quarters.......


But before that do u really want divorce from ur husband...if no....than please let me know.....i can get u best idea to deal with it..


I do not want divorce. But he is bent upon.

In my kind of Govt job, I cant get Govt flats

His salary- 30000 mine--26000, daughter is wid him

No gf in the matter till now, he feels fed up in disturbed relationship

Can Sec125 be filed even if I am earning from Govt job

Main problem is -- where to stay put. Parents place is far away. At in-laws city, it will be difficult to stay alone.

Meanwhile; till he gets divorce actually (may be it takes years), I am still his legal wife. How he can shun his responsibilties of taking care of wife. Whats the legal remedy?

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Legal remedy is filing a case under Domestic Violence act where you can ask for relief for residence. He can't shun the responsibilities and cannot play with you just because he is fed up with the relationship. Do not sleep over it and take action. Consult a good local advocate and s/he would be able to guide you further. 

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What is domestic vilence here. Ahusband  wants to live seperately  and he has right for it.

A-- this is called misuse of law - namely 498a. If you  file false 498a case as a terrorist women organization member has suggested.. forget about marraige -- once it is proved that you filled a false 498a case , it becomes ground for divorce.

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Consult your advocate. Any emotional and mental abuse comes under DV, leaving her without an accommodation is a mental harassment. Hence in my opinion it would be a case for DV. Also wait for opinions of  Ld. advocates. . 

Please consult a good local advocate, read the domestic Violence act and take your decision. Concentrate on your rights and the humiliations you have gone through. Go to local woman's organisation who work on women's rights issues, normally they would have a free legal aid cell and consulting women advocate/s. where are you from? 

BTW , I am a respectable citizen of India, and do not use abusive language and do not respond in abusive language to abuses which I keep getting from some men on this forum. I have developed a very thick skin and know how to negotiate my way through them without even so much as being touched by them.

I may not reply again to volley of abuses, so if you need any further information, you can send me message.

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This case does not say that she was left without accomodation.... wife still remained in the rented house?

So what abuse you are talking .. legal terrorism advocator?



Women will help women... whether it is 498a case or not .. court will decide.  It is man duty to pay rent of the rental house.

Renuka... which chapter of woman's organization you belong too?




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