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can a man live with women after nullify of marriage

Dear Lawyers,

My marriage gets nullified since she had hided her past of previous marriage.
as a revenge of getting seperated she did 498a .

Now, our marriage get nullified last 4 months ago. She was living seperately from me last two years.

Now she wants to live with me with my room ,can it be a punishable in open eye of court?
can we go live in relationship?since last two years I noticed her change in nature so i am also planing to live with her.

Please advice?

practicing advocate

She wants to live with you in a room, it is not a punishable offence.  When she has changed why dont you give her another chance to live with you by marrying her once again



eventhough you can leave together,why dont you both get married again?


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Chetan Singh 


As she wants to live with you in your  room ,it is not a punishable in open eye of court.
You can  go live in relationship. Since last two years you noticed her change in nature so you also want to live in with her. You  are also planning to live with her.

I  advice as under: 


Do not go for immediate Marriage with her. 

You enter into Friendship Agreement/ Live -in relationship for a year,  as a contract, thereby mentioning the fact you mentioned here.

She should not have any property rights ect, right now. 

Nature changed? or trying to trap you?? You may misunderstand her tricks, if any to enter into your life  or your room?

So for safety of your life, and property, you should do this. Marriage include burden of maintenance and residence etc., and as she failed to get under 498a,  marriage was nullified, Suppose she want  to get it legally by becoming your legally wedded wife??



"SAFETY FIRST" READ WHAT CHANAKYA SAID FOR WOMEN  *NEGATVES FOR THEIR RELIABILITY AND TRUSTWORTHINESS*" So at least for a year, Live together, but do not give all rights of a wife. Do not marry fore one year. Enjoy her & her relationship on probation basis.

After a year, and in case you have a baby through her, marry her. SAFETY FIRST


Adv Shroff




shroff  your  opinion is good but is it legal  freindship agreement / live -in relationship for an year contract..

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she had hided her past of previous marriage.

as a revenge of getting seperated she did 498a .

amazing !!

still u want to continue with her ??

dont be in wrong impression that she can do nothing against u after annulment of marriage. DV still applicable for live-in.

dont u want peace of mind for rest of the life, dude ??

be wise - forget her.

Sr. Officer Legal

Dear Chetan, once a relationship steps in the court, it is no mare a relationship but becomes two seperate entities. nowhere in books of law it is return that a woman and man cannot stay together so it is not punishable by law. but i would like to comment that if once she has take you to court than she surely has the guts to take u to court twice.first check her financial backgroung maybe she is in financial crisis thats why she is paching up with you. if u have made up your mind to stay with her this all advices are useless. i think u must not continue to stay with her, she may be showing you crocodiles tears.

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thanks Sharoof ji and all,

Actually, two years have been over and I am living alone with frustration. She did 125 maintence case also for her take care. So Not able to belive other girls easily. No single girl will marry me since I did married earlier.

498a is still pendind trial is going on and she is not coming as witness.I want to move on so wants to compromise with her,so she has offer  me taking her in home along with her son of premarried husband with life time take care.

So please advice ,If i can give her seperate room along with her son with lifetime take care.Can I go for another marriage, if 498a is going to finish with this deal. 


According to me after decree of nullity, you both have become individual persons, legally competent to marry an other spouse. As per your wish if you join again with the nullified lady, by the effulex of time, presumption of cohibitaion as husband and wife will arise. Law will start to presume that both of you as legal husband and wife. Therefore it is not advisable to join her again. A void marriage wife cannot proceed with 498A proceedings against husband. Therefore as all experts suggested, safety is first point.




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