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beated my wifes lawyer

I beated my wifes lawyer badly that he is admitted in hospital. Past couple of months he was threatening my parents on phone and abusing them so badly i lost my temper and beated him so badly. Is there anyway i can prove in court by providing phone records that he was threatening us ?


may be u have proofs that he threatened you.

but ur act of beating him till the stage of hospitalization won't be justificable for that.



you may land up in trouble he would file cases on you. Phone records may not help.


Finally you got VIJAY over the issue by injuring the lawyer. Law says your actions should be inproportion with the actions of other party. But here you exceeded the limit by hitting him. Don't worry collect all threatening calls details and other evidences. Plea on the point that the calls were so threatening that it create sudden provocation on the part of you.

Best Way is to seek pardon of the victim and help him recover.



Jo ho gya vo ho gya. Only that one who bear, knows the pain.

Lets see..

These 'unscrupolous' advocate deserve to be beaten. Jab tak 1 - 2 'unscrupolous' advocate , who destroy life of many persons just for there fees, didn't get beaten till death they will not stop. It's our law's weekness that no lawyer will be punished for there ill doings.

I have seen judge scolding advocates. They didnot know anything except there fees. 

Now, don't get feared, Think of extreme. Put your side forcely in front of police or judge. They people are also human. They also understand frustation of a man who suffer from these 498a/dv etc.


I was really expected response of ZEESHAN in this thread.... :)



@ Auther - You have beaten up lawyer for some reason. So Don't worry. You gave him what he deserve.


But Next time just control yourself. You shouldn’t take such an action for which person needed to be hospitalized.



You are on a safeside, you have phone recording of threatening. It will help you for sure.


You reminded me of Sunny Praji of "Damini" fame

Don't regret now ...... I remember one practical quote somewhere "In order to use/misuse law, one must understand the law" ....... So stick by it and prepare some possible solid grounds for your case (both for defence and also for leading the tirade against his threatening calls)

Daro mat, but remember, sahab kaa bukhaar abhi utra nahi hoga, so he will return with full vengeance after getting discharged from Hospital? Hire another brother (lawyer) from the same community (legal) and let him face him . I hope your wife's lawyer will have to double think and devote double time on two different cases :) Kahan phas gaya bechaara .........  And unko bhi bahut mehnat karni padegi ki aapne unka swagat kiya tha ...... Let him see the weakness of law when being used by miscreants (in this case its you). I hope a PR exercise over the same incident is going to cut into his client base :)

Vijay if you are a firm believer in God would advise you to just follow "sundar kaand" of Ramayana on daily basis, nothing untoward will happen (No compulsion)


Rohit  Shukla

Fighting Frivolous 498A case



If i sense it correctly, he will leave the case. Probably He doesnt want more beating from you !!!

Fighting Frivolous 498A case

Probably next time you may try this on your in-laws..and puffffff..all cases would be withdrawn :-)




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