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Sidney Marshal (Engineer)     20 January 2016

Rape, blackmail and possession of objectionable material

This is all about my sister who wanted to marry a boy whom she knew form three years. In the first week of Jan 2016 the boys parents happened to have visited our place and stayed at our home for 4 days for having the marriage discussion. They had to stay as they were from a different state ie Bihar and as our house is big enough we told them to be at our home and them we will settle this marriage matter once and for all. My parents settled the matter by telling them a complete No for this proposal and there parents were also in agreement of this. The boy had cut his hand and emotional blackmailed his parents to come to maharashtra and talk about the marriage with my sister. After the "NO" was strictly converyed to them and having told both of them that hence forth they should not be in touch, they had left for Bihar.

After they had left, my sister gave all of us a shock by disclosing the exact fact concerned with both of them. She told all of us that she had to get married to him as he has her objectionable material and so it would be not so easy to say NO to them and the boy might not leave her and one day or the other she has to get married to someone or the other so why not him. We were all shocked to hear that because till now the exact picture of the boy was in front of us. His parents had disclosed that their son has a very bad habbit of getting drunk every day heavily which we too noticed in these four days. And he had not been working only forcing parents to deposit a fixed amount to his account every month for him to enjoy and fool around. And on not doing that he would do all sorts of drama like getting his hand nerve cut, not going home for days and even to the extent of hitting his father. So as per them they use to get the amount deposited to his account. My sister told us that the boy had on the pretext of taking her to a temple had taken her forecefully to a hotel and had s*x with her and had also made videos and photographed her.

They had come to our home now after we had visted them one year back in Nov 14. As he was form a different caste and different state my parents had been initially rejecting this when they came to know form my sister that she want to marry him. As sister was insisting on getting married to him and getting settled in Bihar with him my parents finally agreed as all options had of convencing her had failed. But then as what was told by my sister that he is an engineer and on good job so they agreed. So we went to Bihar to talk about the marriage. But then after going there all of us had discovered that he neither had a job and had never worked ever in his life was a spoil son of his father. Even his parents had warned and told everything about the reality. It was then my sister realised that the boy had cheated her by faking her his job and everything about him. Even in the four days we stayed there we saw him drunken and all sorts of bad habbits. We thanked god that the truth was in front of us.

Now after knowing all this we thought that she will break the relations with him. But then we found her to be in touch with her and we were not liking this we tried to convenience our sister but in vain. So finally we told both of them to have the family discussion and so he convenienced his parents to come to meet us. So they happened to have come to our place few days back. But as what was reavealed by my sister now was that she was insisting on getting married to her because he was blackmailing her as he had raped my sister 3 years back and had then photographed her. He had also taken her to a temple three years back and had put sindoor to her saying now they are married this was without any family gathering. One year back, after when we had come to know the truth about him not beeing a good man we broke the relation but then he kept coming to the city without our knowledge and blacking mailing my sister on telling her that he has the tape and he would show it to her parent and all. Sister had kept it hidden all this till now and was afraid that everyone in the family would know this thing she tried to hide.

We were also not understanding as to why after knowing so much about the guy and even his parents disclosing it to us why in the hell my sister wants to marry him. The boy had even presurred my sister to leave the job. from three years. He just wants her to marry him that sit. Not even thinking how long it will last as he does not earn and his excessive drinking. Although he is not aware that my sister had now disclosed everything to the family but then he is blackmailing her that if she does not come to him and get married he would post the material online and would even share it with my parents. He has kept the videos and photos in his stored in his mobile and labtop.

I am confused wheather should we go to the police station or how do i handel this. Brinking the police would spoil the image of the family in the society. The other option i think is wait and see to what extend he goes and than take a step. We also think that as my sister has agreed to listen to us as we are promising her our support. We think that no cotact of her with him for months may help him forget her and also shifting my sister at a different unknow location would also sove the problem. Dont know but several question are in my head. And as this is a very private family matter dont want to discuss it with any of our friends. I am very angry and my blood boils like anything as what had happened to my sister physically and also financially as he had taken money from her on several ocassions. I do understand that my sister should have reaveled it much ahead of time so we would have been in a position to take her out that time itself. I also believe that she should have stopped him then and there as no women could get pressured by anyone against her will. But my sister not being bold enough and being of emotional nature may have fallen to this trap. Could any one give some suggestion on this please. My mother is admitted now and my father is half dead on hearing all this. All what needs to be done is through me and i am looking out for some help.



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Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     20 January 2016

Nothing to worry now if your sister is under your influence and listening to you its better for her and for family , record all the conversations if he call her in the mobile phone, all emails etc , tell your sister if he tries to blackmail her tell him she had tell everything about your past to her family, don't afraid of him he cannot do anything, if you will think about society and respect then he will act more to threaten your family, without fear you can report it in the police, take your sister in your confidence and save her future wisely .

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