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Property rights of wife and minor son after divorce

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Shyam (Field Supervisor)     18 June 2013

I am not sure about your son's right to his father's ancestral property. But you dont have any right to your husband's property. According to existing Indian law, wife does not have any right to her husband's property. But, sometimes, court asks husband to arrange for accomodation for the husband. In your case, your divorce case is already settled, so there is very little possibility to revive that issue again in court. 


anyone who doesnt know any legal procedures don't have any right to abuse me unneccessarily.

so all those who r posting abusive content should stop using forum.

satya prakash (Clerk)     18 June 2013

@Rashmi Arora

When u hav already divorced & u got sufficient alimony then now why r u again trying to get part of husbands property for ur kid? else u cud hav kept Child custody with Husband  & He cud hav bared all his expenses ur queries or needs sounds like evrytime u want to b in benefit bt ruin ur husbands life.

Coming back to ur query As legal experts also replied to ur query as divorced nothing can be done.

I appreciate ur single parenting funda, divorce u took happily with alimony so thr is no meaning crying now u hav to lead ur life as it is. Take discussion with ur lawyer & find out if it is really possible to claim.  U cud hav taken this discussion with ur lawyer first instead of putting ur query here.

@others whom u said abuser not sure whether ur case False / Dramatic or real in life - but nowadays hardly 1 or 2 cases found which are true else 498a, DV Act, Child Custody, crpc 125 became handy & gud weapons for a women to misuse & extort money. So calm down & dont blaim anyone bcoz everyone is putting their views.

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stanley (Freedom)     18 June 2013

@ author 

When legally all options are not in your favour you seem to be venting your anger on repliers !!

Reformist !!! (Other)     18 June 2013

I agree with stanley.....