Process of decision making in World Arena:


In world Arena process of decision making is governed by Rules in Action not International Law and doctrine. Is this principles or doctrine correct? If so International Law has no meaning in today's world.

Dear Sir,

I am just pouring my vies herein as what i think over the issue. a country is bound to follow its laws  of the land thus judges  too are enveloped by the laws of the country. they cant go against the laws even if a maxims say otherwise.

maxims are not always appropiate to be roped in while adjudication since they may go against the principal of natural or fair justice. 

about international laws we can take the example like one is free to do whatever he wishes inside his home bt as soon as it starts creating nuisance/ problems to others, he is forced to stop that activity. 

we have international laws /treaties and all the members /siganatories are bound to follow the same and breach of the same attracts actions under the ICJ.



Mr.Assumi, how u say that decision making is governed by rules in action? otherwise what do you mean that rules in action? All the rules and regulations are coming under the law right?  coming under the law or the rules are becoming law, the role of judiciary  is interpreting the rules and laws in accordance with the natural justice, no one can be against law of his own country when we talk about this as a matter of or within the country, same way when we talk about the matter as of international, all the member countries of U.N.  having the binding effect and follow the International law, see Mr.Manish given the good example.....  so think in that way..... certainly you will find the meaning of international law. 




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