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work2k.2007 (Self)     14 November 2012

Powe of attorney - karnataka


           Would appreciate if someone could shed some light regarding POA related to purchase of property. My wife and I have decided to purchase a property in Bangalore. The property would be registered under my wife's name (first) and my name (second). As we are NRI, we decided to give my mother-in-law power of attorney to handle transactions like purchase of property and property lease. I was informed that in Karnataka, only blood relation could be given power of attorney. In that case, I cannot be a co-owner of the property along with my wife. Is this true?. What could be the possible solution.


Thanks and Regards


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Om Prakash Dhusia (HR assistant)     15 November 2012

Dear annonymous work 2k.2007, the POA is not a Himalaya mountain. Just write a few lines:-


I/We named Shri.................Indian Passport No.................and Smt................ Indian Passport No. .............presently residing at.............intend to purchase residential property at......................

I/We would like to appoint Smt.............................the mother/mother-in-law resident of.......................... to act on my/our behalf as representative in purchasing the requisite property in India and do the needful for the registration and all other formalities.

The signature of smt............. is appended below.

I/we swear in the name of god that the contents of this Power of attorney is true to the best of our knowledge.


(Signature of wife)                                                                                                         ((Signature of Husband)

Please dont write the word signature of wfe or the husband , it is just for your information.


(Signature of Mother/mother-in-law)

Pre-attest it with your signature.

Get this POA ratified with the Indian Embassy. Send it to your MIL. This POA had to be registered with The District Registrar who will charge Rs. 100 or 200/. I do Not know the exact fees and the POA is complete. Select the words which suits you. Hope you would understand what I mean.


work2k.2007 (Self)     15 November 2012

Dear Om Prakash Dhusia, Thanks your reply.

Unfortunately, the POA format is not what I have asked for.I am already aware of that.

I only wanted to confirm whether the state karnataka allows only blood relation to be POA. If that is the case, could I become joint owner of the property?.

Om Prakash Dhusia (HR assistant)     15 November 2012

See annonymus, if you know all the things then why you wanted to ask such foolish things? What is blood relation I do not know. You mean to say relation with the types O, A, B etc? You want to buy property jointly with your wife and even if you do not include her name in your property then after your death she would automatically inherit all your property then why such foolish question? Is Karnatka in Pakistan? You wanted the format also but acted smart when I have wasted my time and energy in drafting such a simple POA.

work2k.2007 (Self)     16 November 2012

I am laughing at the above reply which states "What is blood relation I do not know. You mean to say relation with the types O, A, B etc?".

Just proves the ignorance of the above replier or maybe acting like a smart ass. Oh yeah, Thanks for wasting your time and energy in drafting such simple POA which was never asked for in the first place.

Learn to reply first in a nicer way and hopefully some day you will learn what blood relation is all about. Just get a life............

Om Prakash Dhusia (HR assistant)     16 November 2012

Then rest in peace the b*s*a*d.

work2k.2007 (Self)     16 November 2012

What more can I expect from you :) :). Poor guy needs real help :)

Naveen Kumar (service)     17 November 2012

Hi Work,

Your understanding is good, In karnataka you cant give POA in favour of your Mother in law, but your wife can give.  If you wanted to give POA you need to pay stamp duty for that, which is equilant to Registration of property. i.e., 5.6  + 1 % of market  value or Guideline value.  Choice is yours. [If you pay stamp duty + Registration charges for GPA again you have to pay for Registration]

Solution is either pay stamp duty or get register the property in your wife's name or extend the sale agreement tenure, once you come here register the proeprty in both of your names.  Registration process will take hardly 1 or 2 hours. 

Mr.Omprakash this is respective forum, dont use words like  b*s*a*d.  If you cant understand the question or give answer just ignore. or just follow that's it 

It's amazing how the Admin of this forum post such comments.

Om Prakash Dhusia (HR assistant)     17 November 2012

It is also my question that why annonymous are given access to LCI and as for that word is concerned he deserves worst than that because that skunk had lit the fire. I know the question but he talked of blood relation and the whole world knows that there is no relation like blood relation because we are not related with the blood but with DNA and DNA is not blood. He is a hen-pecked men only having the alleged blood relation with his in-laws? He also talked about speculation revolving around Karnatka as if it is in Pakistan?Hence the question about the blood group because that only shows the relation between the groups of the people. Who he tthinks himself ?The NRI's for me are NON RESPONSIVE INDIANS and even if he may be NON-Resident then so what? Is he any VIP or above ordinary Indians? I am also NRI for the last 25 years but I never mention that word to pseudo impress others. He should understand that this is a respected column and it was he who had used the word ASS. He is not a regular user of this column and should have behaved well. He wants to know something from this column and even if I had given him the format if he thinks was unwanted then he should have been thanksful to me rather he was so offensive as if he had all the knowledge and if that be so then why he had raised  that  silly question of blood relation? Is his mother having the same group of blood which he has?Don't support the skunks for whatever reason and do not treat yourself expert.

work2k.2007 (Self)     18 November 2012

Thanks Naveen for your reply. I really appreciate that. My father in law in bangalore spoke to the lawyer and he confirmed the same. We need more people like you that can really make this forum work,helpful and successful.

I really don't care about the other replier. These kind of people are everywhere and best way is to ignore them. The kind of language  he uses and question he puts up, just goes to show his true character and also the way he has been brought up. I just pity him and only hope that he gets some serious help.

Om Prakash Dhusia (HR assistant)     18 November 2012

I really love people like you, arrogant, selfish, aloof, interested about their own interest but thanks god that I am overseas otherwise I would love to encounter people like you at India to teach lesson by assaulting you so that you would learn to respect. I don't know if you are blind also where you did not read your own word the ASS and may be you are gay but still blame the other side as if  you use your ASS to be f........ by others. I am not the follower of Gandhi and ever ready to give befitting reply. Read carefully that I am overseas since the last 25 years and you have just left the shores of India very recently. Dont play with the fire and dont use this respected column to vent your frustration. I hope that you would not comment adverse any further against me.

work2k.2007 (Self)     18 November 2012

OMG...You are scaring me :)....Wish you good luck in getting the best help available :) :)

Naveen Kumar (service)     19 November 2012

OK Mr.Prakash & Work, Let's stop here, since if you keep on commenting it's never ending story.   At last, we are all members of this forum and we seek help from each other and not here to insult any person, place etc.,

Om Prakash Dhusia (HR assistant)     19 November 2012

Thanks Mr. Annonymus work2k and I wish you all the best and thanks to Mr. Naveen Kumar too, yes ofcourse I and work2k are neither friends nor enemies but strangers and starngers wanted to come closer through this column but failed miserably due to clash of ego and I being elder in age should not have behaved the way I had and my apology to that young man work2k. God bless him with all the success in his near future.


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