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police refuse to fire or act against armed dacoits!

Calcutta, July 5: A six-word text message alert from a gagged Salt Lake homemaker and rapid response from her relatives from a neighbouring block led to the capture of three armed robbers whose accomplices opened fire and hit the family’s car before fleeing.

The gang had raided the two-storeyed house (CF 71), a stone’s throw from Bidhannagar north police station, around 8.15 tonight. Barring one, all the nine members of the business family were at home.

The robbers, who came in a Sumo that was left behind, rang the doorbell and when domestic help Raju Mondol opened the door, they forced him at gunpoint to lead them inside.

The gang tied the hands of the family members — two men, three women and four children — behind their back, gagged them and lodged them in a room on the ground floor. Three domestic helps were also tied up.

“The next thing they did was take away all the cellphones and snap all the landlines in the house,” said head of the family Ratan Lal Gadia. But his chhoti bahu, Neeru Gadia, hid her cellphone, which was already on silent mode.

The gang asked the family where the valuables were kept. “We handed over the keys and told them not to harm anyone. We told them they could take anything,” said Ratan Lal.

While the robbers raided the house, Ratan Lal’s elder son Sunil arrived and rang the doorbell. One of the robbers put a gun to Sunil’s head and led him to the hostage room. A robber who was watching over the family then stepped out.

Neeru, whose phone was near her waist, managed to loosen the rope and reach the instrument. She keyed in the words “daku at home help don’t call” and tried sending the message to her sister. It got delivered after several attempts.

Neeru’s sister was in a neighbouring block with her father and husband. She alerted her father who mobilised other relatives in Salt Lake. They sent two relatives to the police station, rushed to CF 71 and waited outside for the cops to arrive. After 10 minutes, two policemen arrived on a motorcycle from the police station, located 500 metres from the house.

We were shocked that only two cops came. We told them to do something. But they kept standing. With no other option, we broke the door open,” said Shankar Lal Gupta, Neeru’s father. “When we entered, we saw two men in their mid-twenties trying to flee from the rear exit. We challenged them. They brandished their revolvers. We hid behind the sofa and told the police to fire at them. But they did not.

“The situation remained the same for over three minutes when the robbers fired a shot in the air and lunged at the boundary wall. We ran and overpowered them,” said Gupta.

Four other robbers heard the commotion and jumped from the verandah. The police confronted the robbers who fired at least four rounds. Two bullets hit the windscreen of the car parked outside the house.

While one robber was caught, the other two scaled the wall, waylaid a motorcyclist and took away the vehicle at gunpoint.

From http://www.telegraphindia.com/1110706/jsp/frontpage/story_14203148.jsp



The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is our Fundamental Right under Articles 19 and 21. Do not let this sacred and Fundamental of Fundamental Rights to be subverted by State under any colour or pretext: http://www.lawyersclubindia.com/forum/RKBA-guaranteed-under-Articles-19-and-21-of-Constitution-36011.asp

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Ha HA DI, Thanks.... That's the REAL PICTURE of the Bravery of our Police Forces... Lolo Lolo LOL. :)



A real story that I myself witnessed 8-9 years back in my hometown. -->



A cadre of ULFA (United Liberation Font of Assam) Surrendered and became a SULFA (Surrendered ULFA), and opened a Hotel only 40-50 metres away from the Local Police Station.


One day a Disguised ULFA cadre came to his Hotel and ask him for some sweets. As he turned his back to get the sweets from the showcase, the ULFA cadre pulled out an AK47 from his bag and made pleanty of holes in the SULFA's body, and escaped.


The Publics, the SULFA's wife,  hearing the shootings, came running to the scene to see what has happened.


All of the Policemen ran over to the Police Station, and would you believe it........ ???? LOL.... They locked the BIG GATE of the Police Station & themselves inside..... fully protected.


They came out to see what has happened on the scene, only after 2-3 hours.


That night at 10.30 pm, I saw, a poor cycling "Doodhwala" being beaten at the road, by the Police, for being unable to prove that from where he was coming at that time of the night.


Wow, Indian Polices, I DO Love your Braves..... Ha ha.....

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self employed

Horrifying examples of cowardice. Dipangkar, you are talking of Assam, remember how long they took to react when Mumbai was held hostage by Kasaab and co? 

Then, recently a Mid Day reporter was beaten almost to death because he took photos of firearms rotting in the rain, which were given to police after kasaab attack.

"Bravery" with honest reporters. Cowardice with armed terrorists.
And one more interesting statistic about our 'non violent' nation: we are the murder capital of the world.

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See the "gems" selected for inter district shooting competition! They are so scared of the "bang" that is going to happen when they are about to fire the gun. They are behaving as if they are holding bombs in their hands which are going to explode! Two of them cannot even stand straight! One of them appears so comical as if he is trying to relieve himself in the loo! The one at the right most part of the picture appears so scared that he has almost shut his eyes!

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self employed

@DI, I don't know correct technique so I didn't find it that funny....I have only seen people shooting in movies.

self employed

The guy nearest to the camera surely doesn't know how to align the gun with his line of sight...or am I mistaken?


You are not wrong, the pistol does not seem to be aligned to his line of sight. The guy nearest to the camera is does not seem to be bothered were the shot from his pistol is going to land. The pot bellied guy in the middle has put his left thumb on the revolving chamber of his revolver. If it had been something like .44 magnum his thumb would have blown off.


Never go by what they show in movies, in most of the cases there way of shooting etc. is unrealistic and misleading. You may see these videos on pistol shooting:

1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6SHLBPOeiI&feature=related

2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yohikhl9_c&feature=related

3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmgAsWkP-Yg

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Banana Master

My God such a pathetic police. all cowerds joined police force. bihar is not better where you can see how police is treating ordinary people in streets but afraid to nab big criminals. though,  situation is far better than laloo's days. nitish pajama wearing police crushed 99% of organized crime and criminals. small criminals stills rules lanes nd bylanes, out of reach of police.




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