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Basavaraj (SOMETHING)     03 June 2010

Please Help me in this Case

I have applied for Divorce petition because of her abnormal behavior (I have explained some of her behaviors below), She has not accepted notice and continuously bringing pressure on me to accept her and lead life with her and same time she claims that she has not done any mistake, and she is putting blame on my family (Mother and Brothers) and me


Now I come to main problem


I have filed petition on Jan 10 , After 6 months my lawyer is calling me and he is talking in favor of her and asking me for compromise

Now i don’t know what to do , please help me


Is my Lawyer considering her crocodile tears than my pain?

Can my lawyer ruin my divorce case?




some of her behaviors


1) Used to send me SMS asking divorce

2) Used to send me SMS that have having affair with lady/girl and abusing me that all my salary is going to that lady/girl

3) getting up at midnight and packing clothes and asking me to drop at bus station so that she can go to her father's home

4) Getting up at midnight throwing materials (whatever available at hand) at me while sleeping,

5) Pouring water on me while sleeping

6) My life becomes miserable If i get calls from mother or brothers

7) calling her father at midnight and complaining that she married with wrong person

8) Checking my mobile call logs , if any girl name or lookalike name then creating relation between me and the caller

9) Putting some money into my account (Even if refused to take money) , then sending me sms that I'm living on her money

10) getting up at midnight and asking her money back

11) Asking my salary and savings (If i tell all my expenditure honestly, then also she refuse to believe that)







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Dalip Kumar Chhabra (Advocate)     03 June 2010

Dear Basavaraj

            So far as the conduct of your lawyer is concerned, if you have the proof of alleged story, certainly it is covered under professional misconduct.  Yes, if not changed timely, your lawyer can spoil your case to great extent - Advise -if really fed up with the conduct of your lawyer, immediately change him-if bold-move Bar council of the state where he is enrolled and Bar council of India complaining his mis-conduct.  

 Now About -narrated 11 items w.r.t. behavior of your wife- certainly these are covered under the purview of "cruelty" a  valid ground for your Divorce as well provided the same are brought to the notice and knowledge of the court trying your petition by incorporating them as an  immediate amendments -under head of subsequent  events - required and helpful for promptly, effectively and completely deciding the divorce petition.  - Go for immediately amendment of your pending petition -try it immediately before framing of issues in the case by changing your counsel.    

    keep smiling 


Basavaraj (SOMETHING)     07 June 2010

Thank you very much for reply Dalip Kumar sir

Basavaraj (SOMETHING)     07 June 2010

Dear Prabhakar Sir

I know I am truthful and I've SMS sent by her for evidence, Before filing petetion I tried to gather Elder people from my family and her family to sort out this issue and to get reason why she is behaving like this, From my side elders went to her father's home to talk to him and her, But her father told he would talk to his daughter and get back to us, 

After this I and my family members received threatening calls from Her brother, Father and her saying that "we will kill you and your brothers", and she said she will put dowry case against me and my family,

She called all my Elders and told them that they are third party and they should not interfere in this issue

She tells that our elder's went to her home to demand the dowry

One of lawyer (He dont practice and doing agriculture and some type of brokering )  and relative  from her side called me and told that " You dont have any option other than adjusting with her, we dont care whether mistake is from her side or your side but you need to accept her and lead life with her"

They tried to put pressure on me through some politicians (MLAs)

I think they are putting pressure on my lawyer through those politicians






Deekshitulu.V.S.R (B.Sc, B.L)     21 June 2010

Sir In matrimonial affairs it is advised to have a mediation and if it fails then the cort of law. The grounds set out are good, but you have to prove them. Litigation is court means a delayed project.

Refer the laterst Marriage Laws Bill, 2010 it may be of help to you. The said bill was passed in Rajyasabha on 3rd May 2010 and a notification is to be issued for that. Kindly go thro Then search "Legislation". Go to bills intorduced. Then you will bet the bill. It is Bill No XXIII of 2010.

Deekshitulu.V.S.R (B.Sc, B.L)     21 June 2010

Next advise is to change a lawyer, if you have doubt on the one whom you have engaged

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     21 June 2010

I have filed petition on Jan 10 , After 6 months my lawyer is calling me and he is talking in favor of her and asking me for compromise

Now i don’t know what to do , please help me

* perhaps your lawyer shaked hand with your respondent. be carefull. bribe may be a cause. you may ask him clarification of such behaviour, or simply change your lawyer.


Is my Lawyer considering her crocodile tears than my pain?

* i think 'no'. generally advocates are hard person they deal such cases as a routine work.



Can my lawyer ruin my divorce case?

* yes, there is 80 percent chance of it. you already give him wakalatnama, by virtue of it, now he represent you at court. his personal will may be treated as your will at court 

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