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Sapna Makhija (Lawyer)     12 September 2008

Please Help


I have done LL.M. and stood 3rd in the Gujarat University. Initially, I was under the impression that my degree certificate would mention my rank on it, but I was wrong.  By the time I get my degree certificate, I moved to US. I am planning to study here and to prove my candidature, I would need a certificate stating that i stood 3rd in the University.

And if the university cannot issue such certificate, I will need a letter stating that it cannot issue such certificate.

Therefore, I tried to contact vice-chancellor via email, but there is no email id provided on the website. I sent a letter through my brother addressing to vice chancellor, but have not recieved any response. My brother also tried to meet him, but he wasn't there in his office. Subsequently, I asked the information under RTI, but met with no success as there is no response.

 Now,  Bieng in US, I feel so helpless that I don't understand what to do?. Please advice.


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H. S. Thukral (Lawyer)     12 September 2008

File an appeal before CIC.  CIC has a procision of filing appeal online. Checkup 

Priya Ranjan (Sr. Ex.Legal)     12 September 2008

No certificate carry such a thing . For getting a position you should be given a  seperate certificate for it if there is a procedure for the same in your university.

Carlisle Collins (Samaritan)     13 September 2008

Dear Smt. Sapna Makhija: I think you are searching in a dark room for a black cat which is not there – a waste of time losing sleep over it! If you are planning on studying in the US, please be advised no law school would be impressed by your ranking: You could have stood Third rank in a class of three idiots barely managing to pass! Besides, I haven’t seen any professional degree certification that displays the graduate’s ranking in class! It might mention “Distinction” or “magna cum laude”, or “summa cum laude”, etc., but never the ranking. Law Schools in the US would be interested instead in evaluating your worth and whether you satisfy admission requirements, e.g., your co-curricular endeavors, community service, people skills, your ability to reason, argue, persuade, your command over language, your academic accomplishments, your Memorandum of Marks, etc., and whether your scholastic record inspires approval.


Here’s a word of friendly advice (and IT’S FREE!): I wouldn’t dwell too long on twisting the Gujarat University Registrar’s arm for a cute but useless little certificate that indicates your rank unless you wished to frame it and impress yourself, or make paper aeroplanes, or roll it up and swat flies with it. What matters in the real world is your track record in court; not your academic ornaments.   

ashok kumar (advocate)     17 September 2008

Dear friend Sandepa

Move an application with prescribed fe of ten along with +20 Rs to the registrar and the college conereced under RTI Act Then you will gt in writting what you want.

Through RTI your thurs may come to end . If you have any querry write without hassley or ial me 09415717501

Ashok Kumar Advocate

Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     24 September 2008

see if the results are posted online. If yes then a print out of the same will show that you rank third. Dont you have any friends in Gujrat ?

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