pil in apex court against ghaziabad development authority

Following are the details of my case

1) I purchased a flat in a group housing scheme in Agra in 2007. The posessionof the said flat  will be given in 2012.

2) I a recent development the builder of the group housing scheme has decided to construct a shopping mall within the confines of the group housing society. The construction of the shopping mall has just started.

3) After studying the construction plan and the actual construction site It is very clear to me and several other members of this group housing scheme that

a) the construction of the shopping complex is in violation of National building code/ building bylaws.

b) if the shopping complex is constructed it will block the "means of access" of the resedential towers. This means in case of fire in the resedential tower the fire brigade cannot attend to it as there is no space for parking the fire engine/tender.

c) countless lives will be lost in case of fire if the shopping complex is allowed to be constructed.

d) Agra development authority has made a mistake in approving this plan. We suspect wrongdoing on the employyed of the authority who are directly responsible for approving the plan.

Can me or any other member of the group housing scheme file a PIL against Agra Development Authority in APEX court (Preferably Supreme court) and make the builder one of the respondents? Does Apex court entertain such complaints where the safety of the public is jeopardised due to negligence of the authority?

Please advice.


Sorry  the title should read AGRA Development authority not Ghaziabad.




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