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I am suffering severe mental pain from citibank.

I have taken a loan and credit card, i was out of job for some time and i couldn't pay the emi's. But in 2010, i have cleared all the amount for personal and credit card(full and final settlement), whatever they asked after waiving off interest and surcharges. This amount of 280000 was communicated to me via mail, so i went to office and paid, in jun 2010.

But now in Dec 2011, still my name is not cleared from defaulters list, now the citibank ppl are asking me to pay more amount (1,50,000) to clear my name from defaulter list. also they are using foul language. Don't know how to come out of this.

Please anyone kindly suggest me some solution.





 Look into the attachments.

Prepare a list all telephone calls received at your end with phone number date, time . Record each call received now onwards and ask the calling person's name, designation, department, name of company (if it is citibank, or collection agency, or recovery agency) address with pin code, official phone number with STD code (if the person is calling from mobile/unidentifiable number) official email id, fax number and RBI registration number if it is a recovery agency. During each call tell them ( while you are recording) that as per full and final payment communication you have paid and now if the company wants any more payment company should supply you a letter under original seal and signature by hand of competent employee along with his/her full name, designation, department, location.

If they are using any coercion (e.g name recorded in defaulters list) threatening, in a abusive rude manner it shall get recorded. Lodge a complaint with local o/o Police Commissioners/SP under acknowledgment, in person, by letter, email and obtain complaint number and mention name and address of all people including MD/CEO, Principle Nodal officer/Grievances Manager Anjana Makkar. If they are coming to your place them hand them over to police.

Meet Local BM of Citibank and obtain the address of local grievance/Customer Service manager/Collection Head/BM of Citibank and make them a party. It shall be better if you can take some influential/reputed people with you and announce to the bank that you shall advice people known to you to close their a/c with Citibank and approach the local media as well.

As per RBI guidelines you can obtain copy of your credit report from the bank by making a payment ( each bank can fix amount but not exceeding Rs. 50/-) of fee fixed by bank. You may submit a letter to the bank with cheque of Rs.50/ only and demand your credit report by redg/speed post within 7 days along with copy of communication of bank ( by email/letter whatsoever) to credit rating agency ( CIBIL, Master Card International Negative List , Experian , Equifax ,etc).

Call Anjana Makkar whose toll free number is given on CC bill and web site and send a follow up email in a terse language, and demand that bank should remove your name from defaulters list from all credit rating agencies and confirm so in writing, supply you FNF payment /NOC, and beg apology in writing so as to reach you in next 7 days by regd/speed post or you shall be constrained to go public and approach the institutions of Police, Courts of law, print and electronic media, social and legal forums, NGO’s, consumer court, consumer forums, Govt. regulators, ministries etc at the cost and consequences of the company.

You can obtain the previous consumer court decisions against Citibank at CONFONET.

You can also approach forum like pehredar, mouthshut etc. The idea is to tame them and shame them.

You may quote a few of them and mention that despite the intervention by law full authorities bank has remained a habitual offender and you shall be constrained to approach the Govt to ban the company. If you are not able to resolve approach a competent and experienced lawyer and your lawyer shall do the needful.

Which city you are located?



Attached File : 999563487 recovery agents.zip downloaded 284 times

Hello Sir,
Thanks a lot for the reply. but i m still confused, how to approach them. I m from hyderabad, but i m working in bangalore. i have taken the loan in bangalore. now i m in financial necessities, so when i tried for some personal loan, then i realised, the citi bank ppl has not cleared my name from defaulter's list.

Its been one and half year over, since i paid the amount. so based on the recently applied, personal loan rejection feedback, i called citibank senior officer ( who had earlier sent the full and final settlement mail). the conversation was like


me: pls tell the reason, why you are holding my name in defaulter's list

citibank: i m recording it, so you are accusing me?

me:ya you can record, i m not accusing you, why did citibank put my name in defaulter list

citibank: you are accusing me of character, i will put police complaint for defamation of character, you are accusing me of bribe, you think i will take bribe?

me: why are you telling all that, pls remove my name from cibil, who knows may be you are looking for bribe, it never struck me?

citibank:so you think, i take bribe, tell the full sentence, i m recording it.

me: cut the phone.


Sir, now this guy is not approachable, nor i cannot speak to him, he is manipulating and threatening me. also i m worried, if he send some ppl to my house in hyd where my old parents are there, then how to tackle them.

now after paying so much money and after so much time, even in my dire need also, i cannot get any financial help from any bank. citibank has completely spoiled my name and put me in this worse condition.

the full and final settlement mail, has no meaning, now they are asking me to pay 150000/- or my name in defaulter list. Please help.


Have you recorded this call? You should have.

You may supply a complaint by registered post with AD, addressed to local BM, grievance Redressal Manager Anjana Makkar, CEO of Citi Bank India and include the recent tantrums of this citi bank employee in your complaint and raise the issue that how Citi Bank behaves even after courts of law had to intervene many a times( include some of the cases available at CONFONET).You may handover once copy of the complaint to local BM by hand and obtain acknowledgment on your copy under his/her original signature and seal of the bank, and explain the matter9you may mention in your letter that you have explained the matter in person to BM) and wait for reply.

If you are unable to handle the matter on your own, you may handover the matter to a competent and experienced lawyer.

If they harass the old/senior citizen parent they may lodge a complaint at phone number 100 of police and seek staff designated for helping the senior citizens, to reach your place at once. Parent should ask for ID proof of the Citi bank recovery agency.



This the mail i received last year for closing of personal loan dated 26 Jun,2010.



This is in continuation to your recent mail to us dated 26th June 2010. As desired,  below are the clarifications to your queries.
Point #1: As against your current loan outstanding of Rs. 578407.89, we are settling the account for Rs.2,80,000/- based on your request and offer made by our service provider team at TCS Eserve, and hence the balance outstanding of Rs. 298407.89 constituting principal, interest and other charges, will be reversed towards full and final settlement of the loan on receipt of the above settlement amount. Please refer your mail dated 25th June 2010.
Point # 2: We have been trying to reach you on your contact number, 91XXXXXXXXX, but unable to establish contact.
 Please provide your contact details to enable our Citibank authorized collection officer/call centre to call you and provide update on the offered settlement towards closure of your personal loan account..
Alternatively, you may call me on my mobile number 91XXXXXXXXX for further clarifications. You are requested to remit the above settlement amount of Rs.280000/-
immediately as per settlement date failing which the settlement would stand null and void.
Regional Head
Personal Loan Recoveries
Citibank N.A
Sir, the amount shown above of more than 5 lacs is wrong. i have completely paid the principal. there is no principal left, i have all the docs proving i have paid the amount of loan i have taken, without any deduction, even though borrowing from other sources, but i couldn't pay the interest, which was too much for me.                                                

You have to prove to the bank now that they have not given up a single penny from principle, have produced fake data to you and extorted amounts from you, submitted fake data to credit rating agencies, lowered your image, caused mental agony, harassment, resorted to illegal practices.

You need to approach a lawyer and submit carefully drafted, structured communications and claim damages from bank.

 There are posts in the forum from members from whom citi bank has begged apology and has paid out of the court compenstion. It depends how you conduct your case.


Ask the Bank that after issuing the No dues, the Bank cannot revert back. In case the Bank is not ready, file a complaint before Consumar Forum.


Learned experts/members have given valuable advice. Kindly follow it.

Since the principle amount written in the settlement letter by email is fake, and bank has been coercing/forcing/threatening you, the amount collected is as good as extorted from you.

If you conduct your case properly and succeed in bringing the bank under your thumb, you can stake a claim for refund to you and you can also demand ..........% interest like bank levies.

This is to reiterate that members have posted thread in forum as per which this bank has begged apology and paid out of court compensation.

You may keep the issue alive by writing to the bank and lodge complaint multiple complaints against the bank. Then you relax and let the bank run. It is their funeral and let them handle it.

If you are not able to handle the situation you may entrust the job to a smart lawyer. Your lawyer would know how to tame, shame, and bring the bank personnel out of comfort of their armchair, to the negotiating table.

Thereafter the  option of  consumer forum is also open.


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kindly get a copy of your credit report from CIBIL.You will then get a clear picture of the issue.

My reading of the issue is that ,Citibank has indeed written off the outstanding amount with your payment of 280000.So,the full and final settlement of the amount is done and you don't have to pay anything to Citibank.But,all this writing off of loan which is actually a loss for the bank is recorded in CIBIL.Hence other banks when they access the CIBIL report will come to know about it.This will also affect your credit  score.Credit score varies between 0 to 900.900 is best.score is reduced for default as well as late payments.The score will improve over a period of time as you start making payments regularly.
Your loan from the other bank was refused as they could see from your CIBIL report that you could not pay the whole loan amount and money had to be written off by CITI Bank.This problem is only for personal loan.This will get solved over a period of time.I suggest you take loan against Insurance,gold or provident fund.You won't face any problem in those loans. Anyways you had suffered already taking a personal loan, why you want to do it again?.First save money ,then spend it.



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