parallel cousin marriage

I want to marry with my cousin. she is daughter of my mother's sister. we are from uttar pardesh and we are hindu, our age is more than can we marriage ? plz help me sir

Don't try to fu..k your cousin, who in U.P. is regarded a sister, even though you are still a minor at the age of 18.


No you cannot marry her,as per Hindu Marrage Act it is prohiobited to marry the daughter of your Mother's sister.


I know sir, according to hindu marriage Act we are not able to get married but in South India it's may be legal ?

so can we get married in South India?
Retired employee.

Even in South India it is a prohibited marriage.  In SI one can marry the father's sister daughter or mother brother's daughter and this is the custom in most of the sects.

Retired employee.

In other words daughter of a Paternal aunt or maternal uncle and it was a previous practice and now in modern days, no one is preferring the marriage due to genetical problems, as most of those children born out of such wedlock are having physical and mental handicaps.


I don't understand why the so called experts are missing the the first legal hurdle that the original querist Sarthak Patel is not even of marriageable age (21). He himself has averred that he and his cousin are more than 18, (which is marriageable age for girl), yet he hasn't said that he is 20+ or just would be completing 21 within a month or two. Besides it is Sapinda relationship (forbidden) according to HMA. So, please stop suggesting that sister f**ker now, (which I have called him on the onset itself).

There's one another point.

A man from North, when he goes to Southern India  ( I don't want to say South India which means a separate Nation ), can't adopt the customs and traditions of the peoples here.

There's a procedure to convert to Islam.     Is there any procedure for coming here?

As Shri GLN Prasad stated, this relationship is prohibited here in Hindus.

Had such a tradition not been prohibited, I'd have not hated such marriage.

It's not marriage that causes health problems, if any.

It's s*x.    But North Indians don't cry against such s*x.    Why?

It's characteristic of people to blame the culture of others automatically.

In this Forum, one Expert uttered vulgar words against us about our custom.

In Northern India ninety-year-old people used to marry five-year old girls.     Did the Expert scold them?

People were burning women on the funeral pyre of their husbands.    Did he scold them?

About ten unmarried girls were tied to the funeral pyre of Rana Ranjit Singh and were burnt.     People snatched the ear rings and nose rings which cut their ears and noses.    Did the Expert scold them?

Perhaps he took pride in their custom.

Government banned such customs because they are more brutal than the customs of Sothern India.  


Shut you up to divide my greatest nation into NEWS INDIA or spreading hatred amongst it's citizens. A minor sister f**ker even if gave an example which may be his imagination then why an adult bottom gay should have reacted like idiot. Shame shame and shame to him for such hateful utterance.



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