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Hi all,

I am working in a small software company.  I joined couple of  months back. In agreement, its mentioned that the  notice period from me to company is 2 months while its 1 week other way round.

Last week, I got admission for MBA program from a good colllege in US and I am planning to join it. Problem is that I have to join it in sept but would also like to spend time with my family in August. I have told the big boss of company that I would be leaving in couple of weeks and now he is threatening me with legal action to serve notice period.

I do not expect work ex letter from company but the problem is that this big boss has bad habit of calling on my home phone to know my whereabouts and status of project. So, if I leave the company ignoring his threat, he might start bugging my family to know my whereabouts.

So I have three questions here:

1) If I leave and join college, what possible legal action he might take. I do not want my family here to suffer because of legal action while I will be in US studying.

2) If I leave and stop coming to office, after two months would not that be same as unpaid-leave ? Isn't it something like I am employee and service notice period but on un-paid leave. Would this work ?

3) If this guy starts calling on home phone (means family phone) to contact me after I stop coming to office and after me telling him that I am not coming, how can I stop his actions.



ps: You might think that I am unethical employee but honestly this big boss of company is the worse human being I have ever seen in that position with really really bad manners and he treats employees like bonded labourer  cum slaves.


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