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i want to make my proerty NA .its in vagni which caomes after badlapur (mumbai)--

land is 3 ghunta (3000 sqft) which i making through my builder.he inform me that coasting 45 rs persft which will come 1,35,000 for 3ghunta.

if i will do alone it will coast me  80 rs persft.

i want to ask wheteher this information has given from my builder IS IT TRUE.

if true how can i confirm that he done na-becuase at presnent i m nt in india -it will done by my POA which given to my brother.and what happens after NA i have to pay regular tax. and is that any rule after making NA .STRAUGHT AWAY I HAVE TO CONSTRUCT SOMETHING



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Dear Suryabhanji,

It is unlikely that you will have a plot of 3 Guntha which is agricultural and such a smal piece of land is not converted to NA.

Please provide more details.

S Jadhav


thanks sir for replying --

actually that area belongs to builder ---now he is converting 1acre together in to NA--in tha 1 acre me and many other buy land and in that land builder himslef having land which he want to construct building.thats why he told if i want to convert in to na i have to spend 1,35,000 inr

and in meanwhile i dont know that 3ghunta can go individually for na--is it so----than this same year i bought 4ghnuta land more in same area on other side of road- when i ask can we do this also together NA-then he told on the other side he did not plan yet to make NA --he told next year he will think.

i want to ak you if individually i can do na of 4ghunta which will coast nearly 90 rs per  sft.(i have rough idea) or if i will not do NA IT IS ANY PROBLEM ON NEW LAND OF 4 GHNUTA .


reply me its urgnet anybody else.


Consult with a Gov. employee of agriculture department.
Jadhav & Associates


Sorry for the delay as I was travelling.

It appears that you have not purchased the land. The builder seems to have purchased agricultural land and he has signed an MoU with you wherein he has agreed to allot you a small part i.e. 4 Gunthas at some future time after he has converted the land in to NA.

Are you an agriculturist? If you are not an agriculturist then you cannot buy agricultural land in Maharashtra. You have not yet provided sufficient information for me to answer the query properly.

For example, it seems you have bought 4 mor gunthas from the same builder and that also is agricultural land. You are unlikely to have a registered sale deed and may have soem other document. Can you please provide a copy of the same ?

To make agricultral land in NA, there are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled. Also, the NA permission is given along with the land use i,e. whether it is made into NA for residential or some industry etc. The charges are not as high as you have been asked. The official charges are very low but soem money has to be paid to "consultants" to get it done and this fess depend on the value of the land but is completely negotiable. Also, the land size has to meet the minimum criteria which your 4 gunthas cannot meet so you cannot convert only your 4 gunthas into NA.

S Jadhav






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