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fighting for my brother (HR)     14 November 2013

No online case status

Hi ,

lawyer is saying that case is started and he is fighting the 2-3 cases, (2-3 cases= DV, 498,and maintainece) but there is no such case on court site. Is he lying or it still not updated on site? Only one case its showing which status is disposed... but no next hearing date from last 8 months?? Please reply!

I know many people will be checking status..

Please reply


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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     14 November 2013

If on line status shows case disposed, it means the case has been disposed, you may verify the same from the court diary held in the court.  I think your lawyer is not telling you the truth but seems to extort money in the name of pending case, it is better to walk down to the court directly one day without informing your advocate, confirm the status of your case as well as that of your  advocate and decide about continuing through the same advocate or changing him/her.

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fighting for my brother (HR)     14 November 2013

Thanks for reply sir.. this case was started after FIR registered from my bother's wife last year november. chargesheet submitted , we asked for reinvestigation then final chargesheet submitted in august in court.. we have chargesheet copy etc.. but till now no summon..

Disposed date is feb,13 while final chargesheet submitted in august.,13.

Disposed means court has accepted for hearing ? please reply..Please explain this term disposed (case was filed by my botherwife..

my brother is respondent.in the case)

snapshot of online status


First Hearing Date 07-02-2013
Decision Date 07-02-2013
Nature Of Disposal --DISPOSED

Gopal Arora (Engineer)     14 November 2013

Disposed means case has been decided by the court. Try to get the judgement/order in the case. If it is not available online, then ask your lawyer to apply for a certified copy of order and read it thoroughly. Case might have been dismissed/rejected.

You can also check the website, if there is any appeal against the judgement.

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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     14 November 2013

if u r from Maharashtra, then many a times it happens that the case status does not get updated for months together - as good as 6-8-10 months also

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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     14 November 2013

I think you have got confused with many things together, because if the final report by IO was submitted in Aug-2013, the court cannot dispose the case very much in advance during Feb 2013 anticipating an erroneous final report by IO.  I think you have been misled or there is an error by the court staff while updating the status online.  A physical verification of the court diary will answer your question clearly.

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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     15 November 2013

go to the court.

in every court, there is inquiry station (Mahiti Suvidha Kendra).

u can get to know the correct position just by telling the name of the parties to the litigation.

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fighting for my brother (HR)     15 November 2013

thanks everyone,

@ selvan sir, i will ask my parents to check status by directly going court without knowing lawyer.. as per his info case going on, he is fighting maintenance and DV case.. while 498 summon can come anytime..

Even i was suprised how he is fighting other case ( DV and maintenece)without any single hearing date on site..or any visit by my brother to court.

As the case going on in different city.. we have to depend most of the time on the lawyer comments.

Whenevr we call.. he say please hurryup get bail... ( as he has suggested to get bail and transfer the case thru HC).

Transfer case as SIL' brother is working in the same court and he has good contacts with DJ.

@amit.. its Uttar Pradesh,, then it will take years to update.. i guess.

fighting for my brother (HR)     15 November 2013

thanks evryone... i am saying that again because your comments is really very helpful to me.. being sister staying 2000km far from my parents..i really cant help them... because of nice people like..i might reduce their agony somewhat...

Three cheers to people like you.. I apprecaite your effort!!!


A Sister..  with all smiles!!

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     15 November 2013

tell ur lawyer to get certified copy of all the exhibited documents in all the cases.

also tell him to get the cert. copy of Order Sheet (Roznama)

this way u can get authentic information of all the dates and what happened when !

cost of cert. copies is 4 rs per page (normal - 7-10 days) 7 rs. per page (urgent 2-4 days)

it is advised to get certified copies after each hearing date.

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