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no maintenance to earning wife?


Hello experts,

If anyone come across any judgements of HC or SC regarding the dismisal of maintenance under crpc 125 or hma 24 for the wifes who has capability of earning or earning wife or the wife who has worked earlier and not working now.

Please share the info, thanks


........................worked earlier and not working now


Offer her a job somewhere...

Otherwise only a miracle wud help...nothing else.

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Offering her a job is not a big deal.  As she is MCA graduate, i can get her offer in any of the small offices for nominal salary.  But, will this help out to substantiate in court that she has offer and i cant give maintenance to her?  Your expert advice needed..

Thanks for your idea of offering her a job



Dear chanakyam,

LCI team added  New category created for posting important and latest judgments.

If someone post judgements of HC or SC regarding the dismisal of maintenance under crpc 125 or hma 24 in this category then I will then tell you .Until then take a rest.And i will also take some rest.


Suppose you offer a job,then 

Why she take your offer as she get easily maintenance without doing any work  in a company .freely entitle for maintenance.


Kushan Sir,

As per your version, it is clearly evident that, crpc 125 is exploited in large scale using the husband as free ATM machine even though, they have the capability to earn. This is done by few unscrupulous wives. Thats why i am just expecting the suggestions from experts in this forum, how we can confront to deal with this.

I am just thinking about  the possibilities.  Probably in the people in this forum might have come across the same situation who has dealt it in a well manner.  so with that hope i am just posting it.  Dont mistaken me. 

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yes,I agree with you .

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Offer her a job which brings her a respectable salary which matches with her qualifications, and not nominal salary. Why she should be pushed into a nominal salary job? I am sure she would take up the offer if the salary is respectable. Otherwise it would be an exploitation of hers in the job market. 

Kushan, I think being a responsible advocate--I gather from your other postings-- you may like to refrain from such sweeping comments regarding maintenance and easy living. 

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Dear Renuka Gupta,

You said "I am not you may like to refrain from such sweeping comments regarding maintenance and easy living." 

I am not refraining from such sweeping comments regarding maintenance and easy living.

You said that -I gather from your other postings

Now, look other posts carefully excepting this one.

In this posting, I only said that why wife accept job from her husband?

If she get good job, yet if she does not fulfill her daily expenses, her life style as husband lives,expense,then she ask for maintenance. Don’t condemn me. Support for truth and stand for truth .


Courts will decide the maintenance amount taking into consideration many issues other than whether she is working or not. Her living conditions after she got married, the salary of her husband, her salary if any, etc. 

If it is proved that she can lead her life in the standard of her life while she was living with her husband by the salary she is getting now, the courts may dismiss her maintenance suit. Otherwise, the maintenance amount may get vary to adjust the same. 




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