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Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     30 March 2012

New demands by inlaws!!!!!!!!

Just today morning I had a chat session with my so called Inlaws and this is what they have to say... Esp her Granny... eveything is recorded on my mobile and saved on to various drives

1. Tum Oct/Nov mein India Jab aaoge tab tumhe tumhara passport hamare hawale karna Hoga.

2. Hamare Riwaz ke mutabik hamari ghar ki ladkiyon to privacy diya jata hai , par tumahre maa-baap me kick out kar diya (which is an utter lie. She was papmered by my parents and we did give her the full bedroom in our one bedroom flat to sleep and she got pissed off as my dad and brother came in to take their clothes and @ 6am.. with the noise of utensil. She herself choose not to stay in my parents 1 bedroom house. She didnt want anybody in the bedroom) Its like a British east India Company, The maharajas gave a place for the company to start trade busniess and eventually they occupied all of India using forceful tactics

3. Her granny also admitted in the conversation that after seeing your house, i was about to say NO... but by looking at u i said yes. Also in the conversation, she clearly told that her second pothi also agreed to the marriage as she felt that her laadli poti who got married to me will come with me to Nigeria which she backtracked after marriage saying recession ho jayega, naukri chali jayegi. She admitted that mujshe bhul ho gayi but at the same time.

4. She has asked to resolve This the issues or else humko jo karna hai ham karenge aur tum jab dekhoge tab pata chalga Mein Kaun hoon. Hum ne hamare damad to bhi Jail Bhijva diya tha. She expects me to buy a flat close to South Mumbai which i think is way beyond my financial capacity. But in all the conversations, we havent asked for DOWRY!!!!! 

Really a person who owns a three bedroom flat in South Mumbai is Threatening a family staying in One bedroom Flat. Can i use all these as an evidence and will the court consider the same!!!!!! 



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Kumar Goutam (Lawyer)     30 March 2012

What should i understand whether u married or going to marry, if this is just planning. Forget all and go for a good relationship. Or electronic evidences are tough to prove as true but is a valid to show as evidence and it's upto complainant to prove the fact evidence and

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     30 March 2012

I am married already

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     30 March 2012

My house is buring everyday and is on the verge of breaking up.....

**Victim** (job)     31 March 2012

@ Swapnil your inlaws are definately planning to approach legal path especially the language used by ur wife and the senior citizen seems tht they are expert in pressurizing their Damaad. As you can already see your house is burning everyday and if you keep on agreeing her conditions these people will sit on you one day and pee on you everyday. I suggest you make your mind either deal with it or fight for it. I am sure by this time you would know that indian laws are women biased and you might face serious consequences.  

kumar101 (clerk)     31 March 2012

Collect all evidences like xerox copies of educ'n certificates, wife's salary slips, resumes, FIL properties, MIL properties , FIL salary slips etc etc

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     31 March 2012


I am not afriad of them or they approaching legal path coz i have stored all conversations witten/vocal (They dont even know about it) I am keeping quiet coz of my parents. My mother is a cardiac patient and fo her i am just keeping quiet but will def counter attack. I am not afraid of going to jail as well. Its good that i am aboad and i can record everything and those fools think that i am a double fool, but they dont know i am a dedh shaana. I am def sure this will help in the court of law. 

@Sam, I am on a work permit 

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     31 March 2012


I know that laws ae women biased, but i am sure and confident that with the evidence which i have and which i have stored in the pandoras box, I am surely going to open that box in the court and also publish in newspapers and approach ven the media... i will go to any extent to defame them in case they attack us. 

**Victim** (job)     31 March 2012

@ Swapnil i like your aggression and confidence this exactly how i was 4 years ago when my wife file 498 (a) on me. If you are abroad and especially in United States then don't even touch tht matter let everything cool by itself. My advice might be little bit harsh for you since you are in aggression right now but think on what i have jst said. Also don't go to india without planning anything properly else you might get stuck longer then expected. Would you pls clarify which country are you in ?

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     31 March 2012

Thanks... I am in Nigeria..... working for SHELL 

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     04 April 2012

Thanks Sam... My parents are very clean by heart and in-spite of earning a meager salary, they have slogged for 30 years for me and have never ever made me feel of any shortfall... how much ever i do it will be very less.... for the pains they took to raise us up

kumar101 (clerk)     04 April 2012

@swpanil -> Great to see sons like. I am sure parents will be really proud of you.

Parents toil most og their lives to bring up their children and we see that one wife takes away all the fruits of their toil.



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