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Parvesh (AIA)     05 March 2010

Need Lawyer for FIR Launched regarding Section 67a of IPC

A case was launched against a man who violated Section 67a. of the IPC.  The person(s) reporting the cyber crimes are in other countries.  This has been dragging by Punjab Police for some time.  Would a lawyer need to be hired by the complaintants even though the State of Punjab could pick up the charges and file the state vs. the culprit?  If not, what are fees for this as the women who reported have little money, but have involved and sent all data evidence, logs, ip proof, etc.  What can be done to move the police along?  I've read the case of the first cyber crime and it seemed to take only one month to get charged.  This case was filed in July 2009 and is slowly being investigated and it has now been brought to the attention of the DGP.  But still the delays are there to even make an arrest.  And the DSP who was involved is now removed, we think because he tried to make this personal and bring in marriage of the women regarding the crimes, which have nothing to do with the cyber crimes of obscene acts done by the culprit.  The DSP also harrassed one witness in Punjab to stay out of the case, so this was complained and the women wanted to file and FIR against the DSP, yet no one is taking it.

Suggestions, referrals, help of any nature would be greatly appreciated.  What are lawyers fees in cases like this to stay on top of the Punjab Police?


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Gagan Gupta (Advocate)     05 March 2010

u can contact advocate at chandigarh

09216750634 or 09814084222

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Gagan Gupta (Advocate)     05 March 2010

sorry i mentioned wrong number repating correct here

09417350634 Mr. Amit Jaiswal 

09814184222 Mr.  Karan Nehra

are advocate in HC CHD, Can help u.

Parvesh (AIA)     05 March 2010

Do they have email addresses to supply so I can pass along?  What does an advocate do per se?  

Parvesh (AIA)     06 March 2010

The 2nd number responded to sms msg but would not give email.  This is very important, any have information, emails, etc?

Gagan Gupta (Advocate)     06 March 2010



you may use my name tell you put your query here.

Parvesh (AIA)     06 March 2010

Thank you Gagan.  It was Mr. Nehra who had sms back but due to time difference the work day was starting.  It is easier to communicate via email.  Thank you sir.

Ya_Ta (Software Professional)     08 March 2010



Very confusing story so u want to fir against DSP ?


Try High court or supreme court & give A copy to local press office , if u want to do any thing against ploce or Lawyer or anything big u need media support.


see what happens with ruchika case xDGP is still out of jail they are giving तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,तारिख पे तारिख,

Till u dead


Its democracy enjoy it .


Parvesh (AIA)     08 March 2010

Ya Ta- can you email me privately?  palace.electronic@gmail.com; please it is important.


u can contact me at 9871158578

my mail id is : rakhibudhiraja@gmail.com


u can contact Mr. Subhash Bajaj, he is Best Criminal Area of Haryana state/ chandigarh etc. His no. is 9729024854

Kizza (AIA)     16 June 2010

Welll now the adgp has deemed this case to be false although culprit admitted to this to the DSP.  am looking to find out how we can appeal?  to whom, date, etc as the report did not give this at all.

Ya_Ta (Software Professional)     13 November 2010



I think u should give a letter to DGP & mention in letter that u r sending one copy to HC & SC.

&  send a copy to high court & supreme court this ensure dgp to do somthing


sorry for late reply.


Kizza (AIA)     16 November 2010

yes I have made contact to the dgp who said he would do investigation and contact me but has not done and everytime I make or try to make contact he ignores my phone calls.  

Mr_chamku (HR)     18 November 2010



Do not ever made call To ANY Police Officers.

They can say that you trying to distrucb them etc.

write a letter to dgp again & ask for help

if no reply in 30 days

send a letter to HC & copy to DGP .

now dgp need to report about ur case to High court so he need to respond.

else you can take him court.

consult ur lawyer about it.

ur matter is big may be laywer say that u dont need to do this. but belive me this is the only way u can ask for help from police else they dont do work for you.

also when u send a letter to HC send a copy to ur local news papers too.


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