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Vikas Dubey (PGT(Maths))     07 January 2012

Need help

Ijoined Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan in Feb 2005 at 5500 basic pay.My pay was fixed at10300+4600(grade pay)on 01/01/2006in 6th pay commission while new recruitee got initial pay 12540+4600(grade pay).Being a senior Iwas getting lesser pay than new recruitees.Should I have been fixed more than initial pay(12540+ 4600GP)


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manpreet Singh (student/LO)     08 January 2012

What is the current pay that you are recieving . I think they would have a 4,9,14 schme or .. some proficiency step up scheme which would after a period benifit You. 

Saravanan (Director )     09 January 2012


I am from Mumbai, I need yours help,

I have a property at tamil nadu and i planned to sell a part of a land to a Plot Promoter. I finalise a  X amount and we made an aggrement in a 20 rs stamp paper with out any registration, accroding to that he gave me advance in two post dated cheque, and the full and final settlement will be within 60 days. This was the actual deal.

In the mean time the advance  first cheque was bounced ( stop payment ) by the promoter. Then i said  clearly to cancle the deal, they requiest me to give two more days to clear the amount,  But after 4 days  they deposit very minimum amount in my account, after fifteen days i deposit my second advance cheque. The second advance cheque also bounced ( insufficient fund ). Again i called them i told very clearly, You people are not stick to your words and you are not capable to buy my property, so please cancle deal. Now the main point is, I gave as much as time to rectify and settle the final and full payment ( advance cheque was bounced ), But they failed to rectify their mistake and make my payment and now the time limit also barred.

They are calling and requesting me regularly, Now i am not willing to give the land to that particular Person.All i want to know is,

1)  Can i take him to any legal action or not

2)  Is that any possiblity he can take any legal action on me ( if Yes then how canhe )

3)  What are the precaution i have to take save my property.

4) Can i sell this property to any other thired person now.


Thanks & Regards



manpreet Singh (student/LO)     09 January 2012

1) You can go in for a specific performance suit .. if you want to get that agrement excuted . But without a registration there can be certain complications. Again damages can be claimed in a civil suit but those would be minimal in this case and depend upon the facts and what evidence u can put in front of the court to make ur case strong. 

2) I am not that sure that they can initiate any such action upin you. Since they have themselves defaulted  in making the payment . if they do then they will do that by inviting trouble to themselves as well.

3) get the agrement cancelled. 
4) yes. but ensure that first all the steps of giving the earlier parties reasonable chance to make their share of payment have been done . by the fcts it seems that u have done that . But ensure further.

Saravanan (Director )     09 January 2012

Good Morning Manpreet,

Thanks for your valuble sugesstion,

1)  100%, I,  dont want to execute this deal.

2) Is that any posiblites to take stay order or any other thing they can do.

3) What is the formalities to cancelled the agreement . ( I thought that The agreement itself automatically cancelled after the period of two months. Please explain me )

4) I am sure , i already gave alot lot of chance and time. i mentally and Physically disturbed because of    them. Is that any legal time extension

Thanks & Regards


manpreet Singh (student/LO)     09 January 2012

You can file an application to get the agreement expressly cancelled. 

maddy (all)     10 January 2012

i have to change my mothers name in birth certificate.i went to mch office but they are telling the complete name will not change...and my passport is on hold .for birth certificate..

Saravanan (Director )     10 January 2012


Can you tell me, How to file an application to get the agreement expressly cancelled?


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