My wife is leaving with the kid

I have been married for 12 yrs and it has been never a successful relationship with her. For the past two years she has gone beyond control and harassing me to the core. She even shouts at me for simple and trivial view or things when i express.. If she doesnt like me (my 10 year old kid says she gets irritated seeing me), she can go out, but she doesnt leave home. She wants to stick around and make my life miserable. After a lot of ill treatment and humiliation, i went away.. for a month, Leaving the entire furnished house for her and troubled myself staying in a small room outside. She didnt even bother to check whether im alive or dead. Looking at the behaviour of her.. (she needs an ATM, not husband) I gave notice to Owner of the house that I am vacating. Then she sends mail accusing me that I have left home and claiming that she is still at home waiting for me. Thinking that she has changed I came back.. Now she is even more arrogant and aggressive.. Kid is also now being brain-washed not to talk to me. what should i do?? Today she was shouting that she would give a police complaint against me.

All this behaviour has been conveyed to her parents and pleaded them several times to resolve the issue, but they never heeded to my request. They dont even pick up the phone nor respond to my messages.

My wife harasses me:

(1) Not cooking for me, even though I get everything.

(2) Not allowing me to play or talk with my kid.

(3) Doesn’t care to atleast enquire about my parents welfare.

(4) Blaming me for anything that happens to her.

(5) Not allowing for s*x

(6) While passing along me, scolding commonly and speaking in bad words.

(7) Threatens of complaining to police.

(8) Stamping all the vessels and articles on to floor when she sees me.

I am the only son to my parents and they don’t live with us. I gave her all the freedom, luxury and money. Still she is under the influence of her father and brother. Whenever I tell her behavior to her parents and seek their help, she bounces back with double the hatred. Do not know what to do? Please suggest. I am very much depressed in life.

After all this, now she is leaving the home and going away to stay with her parents. I tried to convince her to stay together for the sake of kid atleast, but she demands me to go with her to her parents city. I certainly dont want to go, as my life will become even more.

Please suggest what should i do? is there anything i should do after she leaves or before she leaves.


Start collecting evidence by recording or by any other mode for a month. Collect as many evidence as you may aganist your wife. Will help you in future.

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1. Collect all the evidences of her cruelty upon you by recording in your mobile phone by means of audio or video form. 2. record all telephonic conversation done with your in laws regarding in context of your family problem . 3. take her to the psychiatrist and take the medical advice and keep the proof with you , these all will be help you if your wife files false cases upon you in future 4. don't leave your parents alone 5. think about your future to live with her or not and then proceed further .

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Need Free On-call Legal Advice. Just give a missed call on 08010201301(toll free) or visit




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