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Priyanka Mukherjee (home maker)     19 July 2013

My husband has cheated on me but i want to save my marriage

I got married to a guy on 6th Feb this year. this marriage was against his family so we were staying in my house with my mother.All of a sudden on Monday,15th July he left the house and i have no clue where is he?

Somehow i could contact him but he does not want to face me and on asking why he is doing this to me, he says he does not want to talk on that.

He also has another wife, it was a live in relation and a daughter from her.

His parents are not supporting me.

I cannot believe what disaster has happen to me, i still want to get him back in my life, forgive him but he is adamant and does not want to stay with me anymore and i have no reason to it as why?

I am a house wife,with no job, i have loans on my name which i took for him. He is using all the items. I am financially brook.

He has also taken all the jewellery and kept it mortgaged on his name.

My blind trust and faith and my foolishness has lead me here. My life is completely ruined. I do not know what to do now? Please help me.


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Anvesh Yadav (not working)     19 July 2013

Hello priyanka, iam anvesh yadav from delhi not a advocate but im also a victim like u and im married  and i also suffiering from the same situation but it is quite  my  divorce case is sub-judice in court delhi and im also the victim of blind faith, trust , foolishness and my wife had deceive me.

u can do certain things.

1. lodged a complain to police stn as soon as posible to you against ur hubby. and narrate everything in ur compalin tht wht happend with u. and take receiving of that.

2. also lodged a complain at Crime against women cell at near your location area.  against ur hubby under sec 498 a. also against his parents.

3. in your case u can filed a maintenance case against ur hubby  in the district court..mentioning that he has another spouse with one daughter and he married with me and he hide all this things to u ....etc....hire a local lawyer.with expertness in matrimonial issues.

Pooja (mom)     19 July 2013

Hi Priyanka,

I am not a lawyer. But I am also a victim of the same kind of treatment by my husband. He left home last year and has not come back since then. Has fled the country and served a divorce notice on me recently. Ours was a love marriage and we have been married for more than 15 years. I also have 1 daughter.

My heartfelt sympathies with you. Nobody will be able to understnd your pain better than me. I know how painful it is to be abandoned by the one you love.

I suggest you wait for a few days or may be a month atleast. Give him some time to re-think on his decision. He may himself realize that he is wrong and may come back to you. If it doesn't happen (like in my case), then please file for Restitution of Conjugal Rights case against him in the family court. It is nothing but a plea to the court, which shows your genuine interest in bringing back your husband and leading a happy married life with him. They have counselling sessions with you and your husband and it will help him clear his internal conflicts. By doing this, you will also be able to seek maintenance amount from him through the court in future.

But in your case there is a bigger confusion.  You said he has another wife and a kid too. Then why do you want such a husband back ? I know it is easier said than done and most indian women like you and me, prefer to stay back in an abusive relationship than to accept the stigma of divorce. But you too need to re-think on your decision about spending the rest of your life with him 

If you are still interested in spending your life with him, then avoid filing police case on him. It will only worsen the situation and you may lose him forever. PATIENCE is the only thing you need to keep for few days / months. Don't lose heart, God will show a way out.

Morevover, you have come to the right place here. Experts in the legal field here are very helpful and will surely be able to guide you in the right direction.

Just pray to God and have faith in HIM. May HE re-unite you with your husband soon.

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Telangana state Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     19 July 2013

Keeping quite against accused people is non-sense. Agrieved people are having every rights given by constitution of India.Meet legal authority in your local area.No fee will charge. 

prithvi kiran (Advocate)     20 July 2013

Your life is not ruined nor you have acted foolishly, sometimes things go beyond our control as a advocate I would suggest you to initiate certain legal actions against him but restrain from false criminal complaints as false complaints lead to end of Many relationships - best remedy is under protection of women from domestic violence Act. - Complaint under section 12 wherein you cam ask for residential orders, maintenance and also for protection officer


Dear Victim,

No need to be feel deserted as life is not a place where you will get a second chance to live your life.Make him the culprit of his own acts by following:

1. Lodge a complaint about his missing and the jewellery what he had taken away.

2. Ask the police to trace him by his mobile Number which you have contacted lastly.

3. Never Trust him again as the person who ditches will ditch again.

4. Never Indulge yourself in thinking about why he had done this ,what was reason blah blah.. instead of this look for your future by doing some sort of job.

5. Life will be soother once you are earning and keeping yourself and your mother happy.

6. File for divorce and fraud cases, which he has done to you,take alimony and lead a peaceful life with your mom and never regret for him.

7. Meanwhile only concentrate on your job and try to marry that guy who will accept you at your prevailing conditions & loves you without any expectations.

keerthi E   09 February 2018


even i am same victim, married in 2011, to a person who acted as if very busy business man Mr Rahul agarwal, but never he took me along with him to stay togeher, just he used to com to my parents house to meet and stay for 3 days in a month, and said he would wind up his business as it is disturbing family life and would be moving to UK along with me and our son who is 4 year old. but now that i understood that he never had any business but he is fond of lot of girls and drugs and took lot of money from my parents and now he stopped using phone or not even sending mails. but i love him a lot and want him back to stay with me and my son at my in laws house.

he totally devastated my life, hiding many secrets. 

lawyer_rajiv (9811284735) (lawyer)     12 May 2021

despite knowing the fact that he is is living with someone else and also have a daughter out of that relationship, you still want to stay with him.  This particular wish of yours cannot be answered or fulfilled through course of law unless you file a petition for restitution of conjugal rights.  Secondly, as you are in need of maintenance, you may file resort to the remedy u/s 125 of Criminal Procedure Code and other remedies enshrined under HMA.

luis luis   15 August 2021

I appreciate the role that prophet munak played in enabling me get my wife back after she has filed for divorce. the reunion love spell is amazing that restored peace back in my marriage with positive results from the holy temple. contact

P. Venu (Advocate)     16 December 2021

The facts posted are less than convincing.

Larry Hopkins   14 October 2022

You can talk with husnad and if you may need couselling So he might be agree to not take any wrong decision. Click Here

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