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rising up again (FFF)     12 October 2014

My cunning bitter half !!!!

hi ..all....


my case - 10 years of marraige. she stays in my house in property in my name. so, cannot throw her out.  all MCD talks failed as she asking for crores. She had been fighting everyday to make life hell for me and my parents. 


now, my latest case status - i filed divorce few months ago and she has been acting very normal and happy since then. Her game plan now - she hasnt filed any case against me, no women cell, no 498, no complaint..... but instead trying to become  different. Today she kept 'karva chauth'. went to her parents house in morning around 9 am and came back around 5 pm. (am sure wud have eaten and partied there). Then in evening did all rituals without me..  and was clicking her selfies doing all rituals.. 

now, am sure in court she would say - she does not need divorce and is ready to adjust. she clearly has told me...she would live with me and take all my properties etc etc etc. even if i make a will, she will ruin my life till she lives in this house or in my life. 


My question - how can i ensure to get divorce from her ? my main base of the case  is - no cohabition since almost 8+ years. shud i let her do these fake practise where she shows that she does all good things as a wife.  ???  (she never kept a karva chauth , earlier...which i had mentioned in my petition) ... would this now really matter in court ????   




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498A-filed (Advisor)     12 October 2014

You must have realised by now that getting contested divorce is next to impossible in India.  It is a common mistake that most of us do. First we reveal our weakness and then we file for divorce. She gets it transferred to her city and we keep on running from our city to her city wasting our time and money.

It is all a mind game and somewhere you have defeated yourself by asking divorce from her. Filing for divorce itself was not a good idea. You said she is not living with you and she is asking crores for an MCD and its a no brainer that the amount sought is  be much larger than you can afford. She is playing mind game with you.

Here is what I would have done, if I were you.

1. I would have told her that I will never give her divorce.

2. I would make sure that she start doubting that I have done a second marriage and I am not in a hurry for legal divorce.

3. I would have never offered any money.

I this way within a couple of years you would have got successful in getting an MCD with only a couple of crores. Much much less than what she is demanding now.

great india (manager)     12 October 2014

I would suggest you only one thing......i.e. Relax. 1. Agreed with above advise. 2. This strategy is been adopted by plenty of females guided by money minded lawyers and in laws..... 3. Now a days even adulterous wifes boldly stay in matrimonial home sheilded by law and feast on husbands money. 4. Yes its a mind game being played on you. Its a 8 yrs long marrraige as stated .....so you may be knowing your wife well. 5. Instead of running fir money and saving your properties, just live a relaxed+ partying + happy go lucky life....... 6. If mental torture is not much let ger taste her own venom.... 7. Let her feel you more happy in your own life and her prescence or abscence doesn't bother you much. 8. Patience is the mantra......follow and you'll succeed.

K.Uthirapathy (Member Secretary)     12 October 2014


Denial of s*x amounts to cruelty.

On this ground you can seek divorce.

rising up again (FFF)     15 October 2014

498 A - filed / Great India, 

I tried almost 2 years to try for a MCD but then, nothing was possible due to their huge demands. Now, when we are in courts, she is a changed female. She doing all that what she never did at home - washing utensils, working on other household chores, cleaning, dusting etc etc etc...and then....this karva chauth. 


what can be her master plan behind this ? am sure she will cry in courts for not giving divorce, as she has clearly told me "she would take away all my property". how do i stop her doing so... or work on something to break her plans...  else, it would be hard for me to prove in court - why am taking divorce from such 'good' wife !!! 


Also, does it really matter the case after the petition was submitted.. in courts !! 



ravi (Manager)     15 October 2014


Its a cost of marriage my friend.....

rising up again (FFF)     15 October 2014

ravi ............ dump her ???? how ??? any quick ideas ?????????? 

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     18 October 2014

@rising up again:  Do not get diverted by the strategies she is applying to distract you from concentrating on the ongoing divorce case.    Let she play any drama and even weep before the court giving false evidence to misguide the court, the court will not be attracted towards her drama neither will sympathise on her.  You have filed divorce on the g=rounds of non-cohabitation, if she denies your allegations, on the same day at home you make physical advances towards her, don't worry or be frightened on her yelling or refusal for conjugal relationship being advanced by you, ignore all her pleas and be firm in your movement towards her, this will create a nightmarish feeling in her and you will see the desired changes from the next day itself. She will fall at your feet and run away from your house seeking divorce on her part too.  

Further if she is squatting in your house and troubling /torturing you, better change your accommodation leaving her to toil alone without any monetary support from you for her survival.

You can plan many more such strategies, discuss with your lawyer and proceed.

Adv.Vandana Vaidya (Advocate & Regd. Patent Attorney)     18 October 2014

Looks like she is being guided by her lawyer, who has asked her to create proofs to contest the divorce case you have filed. However, since your divorce petition is already in the court and you have made certain allegations in the pleadings, you have to stick to it. If you have some proofs to show her earlier behavior then it is well and good, if not you can bring some witness on record, who will testify her behavior. Also you must insist in your arguments, that the marriage is dead between the parties and there is no substance in marriage as no conjugal relationship since last 8 years. This is a strong point in your divorce case. However, to me it looks like a long drawn battle for you, since she is all set to oppose your petition and normally a husband’s petition is always considered stringently.

rising up again (FFF)     18 October 2014

Dear Kalaiselvan Sir / Adv. Vandana, 


Thank you so much for your advice.. This am sure will help. 


One instance happened which i have mentioned in my petition - once we were arguing and she filed a false complaint against me in police that she was s*xually abused by me. her MLC was done where nothing was shown or mentioned. i have those copies with me. Many more instances have happened..............Can i use these false complaints...of her against me to prove cruelty against me....and also demand an early divorce. 


plz suggest ways to get the judge agree to speed up the case... OR agree on a fast track court ??  i really cannot waste time with this female now.....have already wasted many years of my life with her now. Have to move on.......... 


fighting back (exec)     18 October 2014

@rising up..........check ur pm

SuperHero (Manager)     20 October 2014

Sorry to hear about your case....


Hope for the best.....

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