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About me

  Member Since : 21 April 2014  (Patna )

I am a victim of false matrimonial cases filed against me and my family who lived in a different city and never stayed with us. I decided to defend myself and my family and also got AB from the High Court. But she initiated more false cases on me.  I soon realised that I am not only fighting the false allegations by my wife, but also the biased law, corrupt police & incompetent lawyers. By no means I suggest that all police officers are corrupt or all lawyers are incompetent. But the reality is that a majority of them are or at least I  & many fellow victims whom I know had hard time to deal with them.

I was advised to not file any counter cases against my wife as it may counter fire or may not give the desired results. But I knew in my heart that truth needs to come out and no judiciary can be so biased that it will ignore all the evidences that I posses against my wife. I kept faith in our judiciary and my competent lawyer and the truth and I filed  two criminal cases against my wife including that of  420 IPC  &138 NI. I  got  success in getting arrest warrants issued against her in a couple of non bailable cases & then getting her arrested. And subsequently I filed another criminal case on my FIL & BIL under non bailable sections.

It will be a long long battle. I will keep on fighting till I get justice. I am fighting not only for my kid & my wife but for all the fellow victims who are blackmailed by false criminal matrimonial cases. I invite all fellow fighters to join me in filing criminal cases against their wives if they have proof of their criminal misdeeds. I will help you if you want to help yourselves and the society at large. If one girl goes to jail. at least 100 families will be saved, children will be saved.


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