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DAULAT DILBAUG (Problems related to money marriage     02 September 2011

Money market

This is a very cruel world m nothing moves without money.

There are broadly three class of people who earn money for living.

1) People who do mannual work for earninig livelyhood.

2) Second class is who put efforts by mind and do intellectual work.

3) And third is the class of people who earn money by playing with money.

This this third class is about twenty percent of whole population and controls more than eighty percent of wealth.

There are no of experiments in history to change this but all were failures. Communism , socialism are few of them.

The advocates the legal call is worst victim on this money cycle. Things do not move without him / her but they have to take full blame for failures and for sucsess credit goes to all others.

It is our humble effort to train the legal class to learn the techniques of playing with money.

We take classes in every important city where all you have to arrange is place for meeting and meet the expanses of our trainer for journey and stay.

In this forum also we will give you lessions step by step and if you can pick up well and good. How exactly to achieve results will come only by actual training.

Please send only your emails for response, no cell nos pl.


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