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Vinayak (self)     22 August 2013

Men being made to pay even when wife is at fault

I really appreciate the Vigour with which husbands and their families are fighting injustice . Kudos to them 


However I feel that the husband is made to pay money EVEN IN the most false and frivolous casses file by wife, when the case ends in courts 


initially it starts as monthly maintenance and then becomes lumpsum (when case ends ...wherever it end(s)


example : terrible allegations that she was told to sleep with father in law : 498a still NOT over : still 15 lakhs alimony :


if it is a rich man EVEN after false cases it can be 50 lakhs ....1 crore etc => payment to wife Example ".....While holding that Srinivas has proved his case of mental cruelty for seeking divorce, a bench of justices KS Radhakrishnan and Dipak Misra, however, asked him to pay Rs 50 lakh to ensure that his wife lives with dignity and comfort and not in penury after the divorce....." : Mandolin srinivas case 


if it is a poor man it is 5 lakhs ...10 lakhs etc  => payment to wife 



the legal costs are extra  : Just imagine how much this guys must have lost to LOOSE the case


IF the husband legally re marries also he will loose quite some property 



when wife asks for trasferring her case ...100 km...400 k,m 1000 km also it will be transferred


there are MANY more such cases 


so making the husband pay thru the nose is the worst thing EVEN if you are ready to sit in jail for months , fight the case for years, finally husband is MADE TO PAY !!!!!


this payment feeds the FALSE case filing women and their supporters and un scrupulous people


how to effectively cut of such payments ? how to stop rewarding false 498a wives, how to stop un just enrichment 









@ATMwithDick on twitter or on wordpress or (recent blog so recent cases ) 

FOR 100s of high court and supreme court cases






Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn't given up, Male, activist


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fighting back (exec)     22 August 2013

vinayak you are right....but this is the reality...........the biggest mistake of getting married is to pay through your nose......its going to be a tough road ahead for the next generation...........better not get married at can have 'fun' even without getting married.................

HIRAL THAKKAR (ADVOCATE )     22 August 2013

Enlightened by the write up. It my personal view that if you get married by very cautious and take pre caution in front of everybody no need to hide. By showing boldness by the family of the male the female members will not have any advantage. Husbands feelings are never considered and they are just made a joke and make to suffer.



Lack of legal knowledge prior to marriage is the only fault which males do in India. If a boy is well verged & sought of all biased laws then Iam 1000% sure that every boy of this country will choose not to marry.

It's our emotional thinking and social purview that a man and women not think the consequences of marriage if it fails. But it's women who is at advantage side even after failure of marriage------as she can ruin the life of her husband even more brutally without considering her equal part of failure. I differ from all ladies who think one sided as they are so selfish that they even not think of their life and simply come forward to carry their dead marriages by the help of number games of IPC and HMA.

Being a married man in India is more insecure than rape of a girl in delhi or NCR. As a girl can go for justice but a married man when mentaly raped by his wife & gender biased laws daily could not ask for any justice rather than just wait and watch.......

you have to be ready to roll like clothes under the Washing machine till our judiciary not say yes you are innocent.



A sufferer..

A Blank Diary of Life (MD)     22 August 2013

Agreed with the comments posted by sufferer.

fightingfalsecase (sw)     22 August 2013

Rape of a girl? Being a married Man is more insecured than the RAPE OF A GIRL? YEH KAISI FORUM HAI YAARON?


Being married man in India is more insecure as a girl who are afraid of rape coz a girl is physicaly raped one time but a married Husband in india is mentaly raped daily by his wife and biased law with force and conditions.

For such mental rape there is no law , no punishment, no medical checkup but yes there are Extortions and Blackmailing to get free from these conditional and mental rapes.


Yeh forum Bilkul sahi hai, Yahan ke members bhi Bilkul sahi hai , AAp bhi sahi hai Pad aapki soch Bikul sahi nai hai......

Ektarfa Soch hai..!

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rightly said by Sufferer

"a married Husband in india is mentaly raped daily by his wife and biased law with force and conditions".

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     22 August 2013

false case filers should be SOCIALLY BANNED !

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