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soniya (am)     29 January 2014

Mediation in 498a

does mediation help in 498a cases. what happen in most of the cases if girl want to unite with husband in that case. 


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sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     29 January 2014

@Soniya, no correlation between the 498A case and reuniting to stay with Husband?  BTW why did you apply 498A against your husband was that to cool your Ego, now you have realized that the case is fake you want to make the mediation to full effect and cry and convince the CAW for joining your husband..... Nice scripttts it should have gone to Ram Gopal Varma for better Bollywood films.

Now since you have not provided your entire story we at this forum would think you are the wife and planning to Join hands with Husband be very clear in giving the case indepth.

fighting back (exec)     29 January 2014

unite after a 498a filed against a husband????  i am sorry lady. but you must be joking......have you realised what trauma a man and his family goes when 498 is applied on them? 498 A is a final nail in your coffin....of marriage...498 = end of marriage

when 498 mediation fails- FIR is filed, husband family gets anticipatory or regular bail in case of arrest, and the case then runs for years in court, they are humiliated in society, so why on earth will a husband patch up with such a woman?

fighting back (exec)     29 January 2014

right said sandykrish...............another woman using the law to terrorize her husband!!!! and now crying.....

@ the author........just want to tell you one thing..after u have applied 498A, not only have you driven a nail in your own coffin of marriage, you have driven a nail in your future marriage prospects as well...it is a very well known fact that a 498A woman is shunned by the society in general, when people come to know that the lady had filed 498a on her husband and inlaws, and they were sent behind bars, people will start to keep you at a distance...no one even approach you for a second marriage proposal..

i am not joking or  making fun....just wait and experience for yourself...........................

Q Slinger (NA)     29 January 2014

Agree with Sandykrish and fighting back...


Had you been really tortured and harassed by your husband, just like you said in your previous post (https://www.lawyersclubindia.com/forum/Next-step-95655.asp#.UukUdxC3TDc)you would not have even thought of counseling. But now you know that your case is false and you have no chances of winning it, will try for counseling. This is a age old trick which women losing their 498a cases use to get back some sort of their lost dignity. However, if the husband is smart and strong enough, he will not entertain the girls mediation request at all. He will probably decline mediation and tell the girl that he will fight it out in court where he will accomplish 2 things. 1. Regain his lost name in the society  and 2. He will successfully rid of a horrible, conniving wife for ever from his life.


What most women forget is that 498 and dowry laws and DV are more harmful to themselves than to the husbands or their families. Most girls are in a false impression that filing 498a and DV is a win..what they forget is, that they have lit a fuse to the dynamite that they themselves are sitting on top off. Having said that, you should have gone to mediation or marriage counseling first before running to the police station. SO in effect, you yourself ruined your marriage. Now you want mediation, that makes me think that you are also a liar! 


Coming back to the mediation point, you can file for mediation, however the husband has to agree to it too else there is nothing the you can do. I seriously hope your husbands fights it out in courts and regain his lost name.


why to cry on split milk  when you have become an another 498a wife....

The process which you have chosen is one way traffic where you will find only lawyers and policemen at every step but Nowhere you are going to find a loveable husband.Make a Note.


For your kind ref. the below link is for you:






Join hand’s to fight against Misuse of Law, their Legal extortion & terrorism.



Email: everysuffererisasaviour@gmail.com



The value of freedom is measured by the cost of struggle,If you need freedom then you have to become a fighter ….as no other option.



S.N GUPTA111 (Retired)     29 January 2014

Now a days it has become practice by women to file FALSE cases under section 498 against her husband and his family & relatives without thinking over the future  repurcations of this BLACK SECTION,after filling case when women along with her husband has to face Police & Lawyers to establish her false case come to know that now she has stuck in her own WEB wakes up & then want to opt for Mediation but of no use because her husband & his family had already suffered a lot without any MISTAKE .Some women come with request to reunite other with high ego want to extort money from husband & in-laws by virtue of which Institution of marriage has become a bad omen for men.This type of attitude of women is going to destroy our family system.


Day by day the Society is getting collapsed due to such false cases. There are few lawyers who provides/gives a very good and sincere advises to such greedy / non-sense wive when they come on not filing false cases otherwise the repurcation would only be separation, but, for sake of satisfying the ego the wives files false case on their husbands and family.

Whereas, the other side of coin, there are few Lawyers who always give/provide wrong directions to such immatured wives to file falses cases so that their daily/monthly/yearly income gets continued from such immatured women.

fighting back (exec)     30 January 2014

i bet the author has made her lawyer rich by paying him good amount of money......now crying herself hoarse.....deserves this for what she has done.

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