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Varun Kumar (SE)     07 December 2014

Make love outside marriage



 Wife Left Home a year back... Neither she does not like to come back home nor refusing to give divorce(Predicted No single Paisa Maintenance )  due to unemployment......My family told wife's-family ready to support her and live as joint family..But she is not ready to come and live and broadcast rumours like  we asked this and that and he is not interested in job and all........ It created so much mental cruelty...   Denial of cohibiliation and s*x......

One of my known divorcee friend works and likes to live with me....Will that be ok legally......Because i hated my wife completely..There is no use going back to her....


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SuperHero (Manager)     07 December 2014

If it was right you wouldn't have asked this question.

rising up again (FFF)     07 December 2014


NO cannot sail in two boats...!!! 

You can be in a live in relationship with your female friend but cannot get married or have kids. BECAUSE, then your wife can bring much trouble for you....  

Even if you have kids OR secretly get married...... you would then be on the mercy of your second wife.....too.   SO, any of the female's can bring trouble for you during  your whole lifetime........... 


choice is yours !!


Varun Kumar (SE)     08 December 2014

Wife is not willing to come back and ready for divorce also ... If i go first it will be contested one....then she will come up with all false allegations...So 7-8 years of s*xual life is waste..... I am not bothered about with who will she be ?


My female partner also has troublesome marriage and her husband not giving MCD... Divorce in court.


We became close friends feeling wise but yet together physically....  

rising up again (FFF)     08 December 2014

Most of the people in this forum face such problems... i agree, courts take 5-6 years of your precious years which never come back...


LAW is such that you can do nothing till you are divorced. AND same goes for your female friend. Even if your wife gives you a written NOC for getting married , you still cannot get married with anyone.... till you are divorced, 


If there is no way that you both can get divorced....then be strong and live your life the way you want it to be. but be ready of consequences... 

1. you will have to be very careful that either of the spouses (your wife and your friends husband) do not find out that you both are married or living in a live in. OR having babies....  Because, then you are in deep sh*t. DO THIS.....only when you trust your partner and her family fully. 

2. Be sure, your female friend, when living with you is always happy. Because, if she ever takes you to police or will be charged of wont be able to count... 

3. Even if the husband of your female partner finds out that your living with his wife.... you will again be in trouble. Ironically, the female does not faces charges of adultery but you do...and can end up in jail. SO, beware of that too.


Best all your influence and power....get divorced and then lead a happy life. Even if you spend 1-2 years negotiating for MCD, try for that... you atleast can be sure of a safe future. and you never know.... when miracles happen. ALSO YOUR WIFE MAY TAKE A U TURN AND ASK FOR A DIVORCE IN COURTS.....when she see's you adamant to be away from her.... Loads depend on the way your case is put and the grounds on which you ask for a divorce. 

OR just vanish away.....and live a simple plain life anywhere and not be caught....for years... (though its not easy as is said) but with your circumstances....this can be an option. 




my advice.... you may live in with your female partner....but should start your divorce in courts too. Even after few years, whenever you get will not repent that you have wasted some years........BUT KEEP THAT LIVE IN......SECRET. NOT EVEN TO YOUR CLOSEST OF THE FRIENDS..... EVEN IF YOU MARRY.....DO NOT KEEP ANY PHOTOS OF THAT CEREMONY...... just say , you are in a live-in (if caught).. 


best of luck...

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