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Respected Sir

My problem may be strange for you all but i cant even explain the injustice has happned to me.

i was in love with a man since last 10 years but he could not marry with me because of her mother and got married wid the girl of his parents choice but soon after his marriage he came to know that the girl is not mentally fit and schizophrenic but the girl's parents were smart they did not provide him any proof regarding her illnes. he lived wid her only for 2 months and thn after she went to her parents house. 

now he called me and came back to me and told me the whole stroy even his mom also met me and tosl the story and he wanted to live with me now and wanted to give her divorce. 

but her parents are not ready to give divorce as she was pregnent 

The marriage as took place in june 2010 and she lived wid him only for 2 months. thn came back in march to deliver his son.

he filed divorce case in 2012 and in counter attack the girl parents filed all the cases they could file like 498 A, Domestic Violence and many more. that all was false cases 

thn due to that humiliation and councelling the boy took her back in 2013 October but her nature was similer and the boy was not happy.

he again filed the case in 2014 june but smme story has been followed by the girl's parents.

and now in march 2016 he took her back

but my problem is this that i was living wid the boy during that period and he told me that u r my wife and i will marry u as soon as i got divorce. i lived wid her since 2011 to 2015 and now he took her back.

i love him a lot and he aslo claimed that he loves me but now m feeling ditched.

he is saying that we will live together but i cant give her divorce now.

what should I do.

I am emotinally shattered 



U can file rape case.. For further pm me

Not a Lawyer but far better than a Lawyer.

You knew that he was married, why did you go for live in relations with this man?  Whatever he might have promised you, you cant simply lead life with a man who is already married as he has informed you of all his circumstances and taken you into confidence and you have agreed, this will not amount to rape, but a rape case can be filed, but wont sustain.  You at the most can file a DV case on this person, and ask for maintenance.


No doubt he has used you, but only if you let him use, he can use you, mistake you did by developing relations with a married man, this speaks volumes about your character too.


If you file a false rape case, you will not only roam to court next 5-6 years, he already is roaming to court, he wont mind roaming to court for your rape case and also DV case, its better that you forget this episode and find someone else who is unmarried, explain your past, and if he accepts you with your shortcomings then go ahead and marry him.


He can be dv an maintenance can be filed if this girl is not married to that man...????

How can she file dv and u know what are u talking dear sri raju... Explain further why won't rape case will be sustain..???
legal advisor

Mr raju is per the law of our land a livein partner is considered to be in a husband wife relationship and thereby she can file dv and is eligible to claim maintenance.

agreed with Mr Saravanan... go and file 


Respected All

 Sir this is very senstivie matter we are in true love and still he wants to live with me but thr is social n family burden over him n his son is also a reason as now he has become 5 years old. and her legal wife is schezophreik and cant perform household work or any other work properly. she takes medicines and always remains in sleeping mode even she cant handle her son.

he has not made any kind of physical relationship wid her even after coming her back and she doesnot even want to. 

sir he is honest by heart but the women oriented lwas are the challenge in which woman always consoderd right.

can we live together in any way we want. 

can we convert our religine to get married as her wife in only a place holder.

sir he has government job and he is ready to leave his job if there is some other way out.

please help me.

Vakeel No. 1

The above great  


[ Scorecard : 273] Thank Contributor :  Send PM doesnt even know which law holds good where, this is the pathetic situation of judiciary in our country.  With lawyers like these, litignats roam haplessly to court to no end.  Shame on such pass mark lawyers.

Not a Lawyer but far better than a Lawyer.

@shivam, the reply other lawyers have given itself is my slap on your face. Try spending time researching on internet, by reading new laws envisaged time and again, new judgements of Hon HC and SC.  Thereby improve your knowledge and also help in turn the people who approach you.  For once I feel you are not a lawyer also and just whiling time here doing time pass.




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