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Prakash Yedhula (Lawyer)     12 December 2007

Legal Words

[font=""trebuchet ms""]ab initio : from the beginning

ad hoc : for particular purpose, pertaining to or for the purpose of, this case only.

ad interim : in the meantime

amicus curiae : friend of the court; one who voluntarily or on invitation of the court, and not on the instructions of any party, helps the court in any judicial proceedings.

audi alteram : hear the other side. Both sides should be heard before a decision is arrived at.

caveat emptor : let the purchaser beware. A maxim implying that the buyer must be cautious, as the risk is his and not that of the seller.

cestui que trust : a beneficiary under a trust, the person for whose benefit a trust is created.

de facto : in fact : an expression indicating the actual state of circumstances independently of any question of right or title.

de jure : in law : independent of what obtains in fact

dehors : outside of : unconnected with, unrelated to;

de novo : a new

ejusdem generis : of the same kind or nature. Where a list of specific items is followed by general concluding clause, this is deemed to be limited to things of the same kind as those specified.

ex gratia : as a matter of grace or favour.

ex officio : by virtue of an office.

ex parte : expression used to signify something done or said by one person not in the presence of his opponent

fait accompli : an accomplished act.

in limine : at the outset

in pari materia : upon the same matter or subject

in personam : against the person; an act or proceeding done or directed against or with reference to a specific person.

in rem : an act/proceeding done or directed with reference to no specific person or with reference to all whom it might concern.



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SANJAY DIXIT (Advocate)     18 April 2008

Nice work. Thanks. Please provide it in other alphabets also.

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