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shriram (-)     20 March 2008

Legal Issue

Dear Seniors,

Just I want to know does a Foreigner can buy Land or Own House or Contruct a

House in India?If yes means, what are all the document we have to prepare in legal

point of view.And If any restrictions please highlight me.

Expecting your Reply very urgently.

With Regards,



 12 Replies

chandra   20 March 2008

Two model pension calculation of EPS pensioners as per EPS95 norms with following atas may be calculated or generated to clear many doubts about epf pensin calculation.(1)Date of Birth:6-10-1942(2)Date of reporting duty:1-3-1971 at 29yrs.continued service under EFPS71 till 15-11-95.&got 24 yrs PAST SERVICE& was 53 yrs on 16-11-95 nd drawing more than RS:2500/ service under EPS95 from 16-11-95 to till retirement at 58yrs on 6-10-2000,having 5 yrs pensionable service nd Last Pay Rs: 6775/p.m(4)What is Pensionable yrs pension?(5)What is PAST SERVICE PENSION as per FAQ:15?(6)What is PAST SERVICE BENEFIT under EFPS71?(7)What is Aggregate Monthly pension of this EPF pensioner from 6-10-2000 onwards?kindly E mail to: member(A.Chandran)
(B)second case same as above datas but duty report on 1-12-1984(1)11 years Past service(2)5 years pensionable service(3)53 yrs on16-11-95&pay>2500/p.m.retired at 58 yrs on 6-10-2000.(4)What is monthly Pension?nd Annual Interrim relief from Octr 2000 to Octr2007 to above both cases?.pl;reply.A.Chandran

chandra   20 March 2008

Respected Senior Lawers:Employees pension scheme 1995 was indroduced on 16-11-95 replacing EFPS1971 after apruval from both side of members of Parlimentnd nd Publishing in Central Govt GAZETTE &proclaimed by PRESIDENT OF INDIA as an Ordinance on 27-3-96 w.e.f.16-11-95. (1)can any other Under secretary or Labour minister in labour ministry or C.P.F.commissioner can alter or amend or wrongly interpret above EPS95 pension norms as per their convenience of any clarification?,without publishing in Govt:gazette nd taking approval from parliment nd without passing order by President of India? can anybody make AMENMENT to above EPS95 pension norms to omit PAST SERVICE Pension & Minimum Pension Under EPS95 nd underEFPS71 nd deny minimum lowest monthly pension of an EPF member to lesser than Rs:600/P.M for those who had worked under both EFPS71 &EPS95 nd (superannuation age) having more than 10 years P.F membership nd retiring at 58 yrs,as in case of Para12(5)a+b? as per EPS95 law Book?Pl;reply to E mail ,

chandra   20 March 2008

Question:3.Respected Sr:Lawyers,EPS95 replaced EFPS71 by Presidential ordinance on 16-11-1995.As per EPS95 those who joined any Private ,Public n cooperative sector on or after 16-11-95 nd become PF member nd having10 nd more yrs of servicend retiring at 58 yrs will get monthly Pension as per Para 12 FORMULA:Rs:5000/70 Xpensionable service yrs from 16-11-95 to till retirement at 58 yrs &Employees side PF amount nd interest due.(2)For existing members worked under EFPS71 &EPS95 as per EPS95 LawBOOk they will
get monthly pension at superannuation or short service Pension as per the Aggregate of Para 12(3) a+b or Para12(4)a+b or Para 12(5)a+b where in Para12(3)or(4) or (5)"a" explains the Pensionable service pension as per formula R:;5000 /70 X pensionable service or Minimum Rs:635/ or Rs:438/ or Rs:335/p.m . ffor those who are below 48 yrs nd between 48-52 yrs nd above 53 yrs on 16-11-95.where as Para12(3) or(4) or(5)"b" explains about PAST SERVICE PENSION under EFPS1971 under 3 Past service pension slabs of Rs:800/p.m,Rs600/p.m nd Rs:500/p.m for their 24 yrs of Past service from 1-3-71 to 15-11-1995 nd proportionately less for lesser yrs of past service nd past service BENEFITS also as per age nd salary on 16-11-95 as per one chart n one TABLE;B on EPS95 Law book.No connection with Pensionable service pension"a" as wrongly interpretted by one Under secretary in labour ministry.EPS95 prescribed Aggregate of definition"a"+"b" is the monthly pension of EPF member pensioners who worked under EFPS71 nd EPS95 scheme.EPS95 norms never told to add Pensionable service years +Past service years to get Rs:500/p.m for 24 years of total service as in the case of Para12(5)a+b as wrongly interpretted by one Under secretary in labour ministry vie his communication dated:10th may 1999 to Addl:C.p.F.Commissiner nd all other PF officers in India to follow.In the Para 12 (3)b it is mentioned ..if the "aggregate service is lesser than 24 years pension nd benefits will be proportionately reduced like that".actually the wor pension and benefits comes under EFPS1971 as the Para12(3)b explains about Past service pension nd past service Benefits as per FAQ No;15 on all website nd EPs95 Law book.How can the Undersecretary the word "pension"for Pensionable service pension as per FORMULA nd Benefits as per EFPS71 charts nd Table:B in lLaw book?It is wrong nd distorted nd twisted Interpretation of that Under secretary in labour ministry as noboy was dare enough to question him about his wrong interpretation of EPS95 pension definition of "a" nd "b' under Para 12(3),(4)&(5).which denied Past service pension nd Minimum pension prescribed under EPS95 nd EFPS71.Totally minimum pension Rs:600/p.m was deliberately ignored nd wiped out nd denied to poor nd innocent EPf pensioners from EPs95 norms.This type of action by a higher officer is called "ABUSE OF POWER" as per VIGILANCE nd CBI definition nd is a crime as his wrong interpretation denied the Monthly pension benefits of thousands nd more innocent epf pensioners,eventhough HIGH COURT of DELHI nd SUPREME COURT OF INDIA annonces that" Pension is a Right of every employees after their long years of Service".as no one detected this "SCAM" existing in E.P.F.Organisation of INDIA poor Epf pensioners are getting monthly pension R:200/orRs:250/ or Rs:333/p.m without any relation to EPS95 pension norms.kindly study this Public problem of denial of eligible pension to poor EPF pensioners and help to get natural Justice as NHRC nd Vigilance nd CBI etc departments are doing to get JUSTICE to deserving epf pensioners.reply may be sent to y E mail: member (A.chandran)

Guest (n/a)     22 March 2008

Please refer the provisions of foregn Exchange Managment Act 1999 and the connected rules. U may go thro the FAQ also where u will get the required information

Guest (n/a)     24 March 2008

I had asked for replying my 3 questions on 20-3-08.reply is not yet seen in my email address Pl reply.A.Chandran.memmber

chandra   26 March 2008 .i have not received any reply for my 3 legal questions made few days back pl.reply to my email address (A.Chandran)

chandra   26 March 2008 .i have not received any reply for my 3 legal questions made few days back pl.reply to my email address Member (A.Chandran)

chandra   26 March 2008 .i have not received any reply for my 3 legal questions made few days back pl.reply to my email address Member (A.Chandran)

chandra   28 March 2008

I have not received reply for my quiries about 3 epf member pension calculations .awaiting for reply to my e mail address: , A.Chandran member

chandra   04 April 2008

from 20-3-08 to 26-3-08 I had asked for getting reply for 3 questions concerned with the pension calculation of an EPF pensioner as per EPS95 pension norms.i have not receive proper reply from Laboursclub though many days are passed after my questions Pl.arrange to send reply.A.Chandran;

chandra   13 April 2008

Still I have not received proper reply for my Question Non.compliance of EPS95 pension norms while calculating Epf member pension .Pl.reply to my email address member

chandra   15 April 2008

Reply for my quiries not found.A.chandran(member

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