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Share More (IT Head)     16 June 2014

Jail time


I told my in-laws that i am ready to be behind the bars, but wont pay a single penny to them, as i have suffered a lot. Now, they actually want me to go to jail. I had a query, what jail will i be in? No central jail right? How are the prisoners [visitors] treated in the jail? Any physical assault?


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Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     16 June 2014

:) why do you want to go to jail dear .. when you have every right to be out of it ?  Are you planning any "JAIL BHARO/JAO ANDOLAN" , pun apart , arrest will have serious repurcursions on your present/future service.

I have myself never been inside but what I'm being told , you would not be surprised to make 498 companions there. (IT Head)     16 June 2014

I agree with you Gautam, but i was considering the worst case. and all of a sudden this thought rang my bells [rather balls :)].. will I be in central jail with all hard core criminals [i dont have anything against them] will i be physically/mentally tortured by the police?

Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     16 June 2014

Why you want to go jail if you have remedy with you , don't think so worst for you , if you will fight your case on their merits then obviously you will win . (IT Head)     16 June 2014

A bit scarred... but your words gave me a lot of confidence. Thanks Gautam and Mr. Joshi. I will try to build a safeguard.

Another Victim (Engineer)     17 June 2014

Even I am suffering from same situation. but every week i visit court i just smiled at her. never think of going jail.

very long life a head.

Jail is not a solution for you neither for them , as you went in jail "UNKA MANOBAL or Uthega"

Tumhein usse hi todna hai bhai mere...
As they are using indian rules against yoou. Same way you can escape from all claims by them using indian rules.

The thing is money . You can Earn if you are out of jail only.


never demoralized . All Country men are with you (IT Head)     17 June 2014

itne baazu itne sar, gin le dushman dhyan se

itne baazu itne sar, gin le dushman dhyan se

haarega wo har baazi jab khele hun jee jaan se....

aao aa jao.... jee jaan se

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     03 August 2014

you are willing to go to jail as you have seen jail in films only.


 which jail will they put me in?

area jail or any other jail if it is excessively overcrowded.

I hope not any central jail and all

why you hope so no new jail is to be constructed for you, eit5her central jail or distt jail or sub-jail how does it effect.


... and how are we treated in the jail?

very badly.  ask any one who had been in.

Any physical assault?

certainly. In thana police beats you humanly (they have a fear of blot on career) 


but in jail the discipline of prisoners is entrusted to senior hardcore criminals. They are not gentleman.

you have asked about assault you have not asked about whether you are certain to get 5x1 feet space to sleep every night. Particularly if you had been there for the first time.

you have not asked how many persons will be locked in a barrack meant for how many.

you have also not asked how much you will pay the barber for shave with fresh blade for the fear of catching HIV.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     03 August 2014

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