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Rajeev (owner)     26 August 2010

Is there any procedure to make any inquiry on judges


Recently I lost a case in lower court. The case is of specific performance. In that case I was defendent. My case was strong. & the person against me has not even proved the case. & I have totally proved my side. then also the judge has given result in favour of person against me. which has made uncountable loss for me. I hav doubt on the judge. Is there any legal procedure through which I can set inquiry on judge. I just want any court to review my judgement. Since by going high court it is very time consuming, harreshing , & expensive. I just want to make enquiry on judge , any procedure plz give. Thax in advance


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It is just because of bereaucratic conspiracy against democratic implementation in this nation.  The problem is that the people are not aware and make no efforts to have their democratic rights.  Why the people comes up in a revolutionary movement against it?  Due to lack of courage in so called coward & selfish educated class all such things are going on.  I see only a GRAH-YUDDHA coming soon and in fact it is started in the face of naxalism etc.  News are at news channels that the naxals are updating the hit-list of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.  Injustice has no longer life.  OK decades goes for come up so the social activists should be more active.  And identify the coward & selfish educated class and brake their so called respect in the society.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     26 August 2010

"Recently I lost a case in lower court. The case is of specific performance. In that case I was defendent. My case was strong. & the person against me has not even proved the case. & I have totally proved my side. then also the judge has given result in favour of person against me. which has made uncountable loss for me. I hav doubt on the judge."

mr rajeev, my case also same.

i am also in want of just.

i am in doubt that, in my case judge took bribe.

today's news 5 judges and 7 advocates caught redhanded while copying in llm exam.

i am also in want of just.


Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     26 August 2010

i support ram ji.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     26 August 2010




Satya Narayana Palukuru (Advocates & Mediators.)     26 August 2010

Hi Rajeev  prefer an appeal

There are some persons excluding these 5 members in judiciary

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Siddhi Agarwal (Owner)     26 August 2010

In lower courts you will find judges whi are nothing short of thugs and will do any thing for money provided you have contacts. In our case as well he had to deal with such a thug in MM's Court who passed a foul order against all norm. Web had to go to Sessions Court to set aside the order and we succeeded. But the problems id even if you provide enough proofs against these thugs to VHigh Court no action what so ever and the chief justice of high court even does not bother to acknowlege your written complaints. So you can easily say that we have rotten judicial system in this country ruled by rogues and criminals. Some of other instances of rotting judicial sytems need to be  noted:

1) The Ex. Chief Justice of Supreme Court opposed setting of four diff. benched because he did not want his powers to be diluted even if the proposal was in public interest. He  happened to be from back word class.

2) The propsed Judges Accountibility Bill is diluted or say watered down because PM thought it to be unfair to corrupt Judges. In his old age he is more interested in protecting the corrupt then do his bit for population at large.

Hamara desh is mahan because we are ruled by  rouges and thugs  and only god's curse  will help us getting rid of these crooks. 

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It clear that judges are also human being,easily corruptable.

Single judge benches should be abolished,every legal proceeding should be video recorded,easily avaialble for public to watch.

The judges who give frequent errant judgemnt should be dismessed and penalized heavily.

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Dear friends

                          don't cry    sab chalega


Anil Agrawal (Retired)     28 August 2010

Two things I have heard repeatedly over the years.

1. Law will take its own course.

2. Criminals saying: "I have full faith in juridiciary".

I also have full faith in judiciary. But, there is a slight problem with my faith. Two days ago, five magistrates in Andhra Pradesh appearing for LL.M. exam, a qualification for their promotion, were caught on camera copying in the exam. My faith in judiciary has leaped upwards.

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     29 August 2010

Mr. Rajeev  prefer an appeal, for the time being we will have to go by the present system,

If ur case is strong then surely u will win, and prev. decision will get reversed., also the error of the judge will be noticed. 

Rajesh (Advocate)     19 September 2010

There are provisions for making a complaint against judges where litigants feel that the judge had not done justice or he considered extraneous elements in deciding the case or decided against the merits submitted before him. Definitely, you can also file RTI as to whether complaints were already filed against such a judge and how many, of what nature, what assets the particular judge had when he joined judiciary, what is the change in his assets at present, any corruption charges stand against him, any kind of enquiry/investigation being faced by him, what was the outcome of that enquiry.

Unfortunately, despite a system of accountability in judiciary most of the times the corrupt judges go scot-free and on the contrary the complainant is victimized more and more and ultimately the complainant when reaches the higher court in appeal the deciding judge takes "revenge" on behalf of his "brother judge".

The process of impeachment of a judge is so complicated that it can be understood by the fact that not a single judge is impeached in the history of independent India despite more and more reports of judicial corruption.

Finally, I advice you, brother, focus on your case and go in appeal. If you have a strong case then definitely, you will win and do not waste your time and energy to rectify others (corrupt). It is not necessary that all the judges are corrupt. There are many judges (outnumber the dishonest) who are dead honest hence, Indian judiciary is truly upholder of the rights of the masses otherwise this country could have become a slave again.Good luck. Rajesh Sharma (Advocate) 09868041944

Hemant (Law)     19 September 2010

I agree with Rajesh above. It is true. You get no where if you think you can get a judge punished by the very fact "revenge by the brother judge" is possible 100%.

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