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is there any leagal/ngo for husbands like caw cell for wife?

Hello experts,

Please suggest if there is any legal body for husbands  like CAW cell for wives where husband could put his facts and proofs.


And how to know whether the RTI is answered to get the complaint copy from

delhi CAW cell.




Unfortunately there is no such thing exist, there is ngo siff where u can contact and seek help.d members r mainly sufferers of anti male laws. Contact 8882498498

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You can contact either of the two.

1.  Image result for narendra modi

He is married, but dint bother to file divorce, his wife file DV case on him, he dint even go to court, and DV case got dismissed, continues to be PM of India.

2.  Image result for arvind kejriwal

This is option 2, He is married, has kids, has wife, he can do something about creating CAH (Crime against Husbands) Cell.  He can give you some tips as to how to manage wife, kids and job.



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Yes you can get copy of complaint and CAW cell is simply a concilition centre. Don't worry if need any assistance call 9711787139


Why you need CAH cell? Do you also want to waste your life like the useless wives who circle around CAW cell and court with their begging bowl asking maintenance from husbands? Have some dignity. Let these wives complain and beg in front of judges with false allegations. Let them live in misery and let them believe in their sense of victimhood. One day walk around the family court and just look at the eyes of these wives. Do you see any hint of joy or confidence or empowerment? The more they allege cruelty the more they lose their power and self-esteem. They are all walking down a spiral of self destruction economically, socially and emotionally. You don't want to be in their shoes. The lawyers are just waiting to suck everything out of them and then leave them rotting on the side of the road. Focus on doing something productive with your life.

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