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Tejal (house wife)     11 December 2011

Is it cruelty to husband if wife not want to do job?

Thanks to all LCI Members for replying me. I have left to think anything about my personal problem as divorce is possible only after Feb.


I want to know this for my she doesnt have net facility at her home.

Her husband is from well setteled family & he is also earning 20 k per month.but he forces my friend to do job otherwise he will give her divorce.But my friend doesnt want to do job as she wants to become a house wife & want to give a time to her hose & child.


So My question is , Is this a cruelty towards a well setteled husband to refuse for doing a job from his wife.?


Pls ignore my gramer & spelling mistakes.


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        I dont know whether it is cruelty or not in legal sense, but as a normal person i feel it is cruelty on husband because if your friend is capable of earning she should help her husband financially.20k is a very small amount to run a family these days.She can ask husband's help in household work.Please tell her to try to change her decision and make her feel "WHAT SELF EARNED MONEY IS!"

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     11 December 2011

Very well advised, 

Jai Matadi


PS. : Why are women resorting to LAW for such personal issues !!

Tejal (house wife)     11 December 2011

 her family's all over income is about 1 lac per  month  By investments in deferent types of schemes.& her husband is only son of in his family. & she is also a only girl of her family & she also has his father's property of about 1 if they spent all the 20 k per month it will not affect on there financial situation, thier money will continue to increse more & more.& for future they both will get property of both side for their children.


so she doesnt have greed for money & just want to concentrate on their child & house.but in other side her husband is having greed for money & feeling like she doesnt do any thing at home & just eating a free he is saying." Khud kamao aur khhud khao yaa to talaq de do". As a house wife it is not easy to keep a house well maintened & look after the needs of all the family member.


& what about women's choice ? in some family Husband says " Tum nokri karogi to me tumhe talaq de duga" & some says " Nokri nahi karogi to talaq de dunga".Why husband do always blakemail their wife like" tum ab fas gai ho jo me chahu vo hi karna padega"?


so i want to know this in legal way," should she afraid of her husbands' warning of divorce or not ?"

Tejal (house wife)     11 December 2011

Mr. Amit

Husband & his family first start to harresing the newely weded girl & blackmail her by the word " divorce." But they also dont know divorce is not easy in india,They think like filmy divorce & girl also thinks that what will i do after divorce.?.I was also afraid of that word but after becoming a member i got a will power that there is a no need to afraid from this word " Divorce" .When they cruel husbands & their familes  will go in the court , they will find what it is in reality ?

& how will you feel if your wife again & again warn you" Do this other wise i'll give you divorce , dont do this otherwise i'll give you divorce"? so this kind of warnings are mental torture which i also has faced . so just by asking in LCI about her prob. I just want to give her a strength by a correct advise of experts.




Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     11 December 2011

if harrassment is going on, they what u say is correct.

i dont mean to say - girls should sustain harrassment.

sorry if i have hurt you.

Tejal (house wife)     11 December 2011

no Amit you didnt hurt. I was just explaining.


So , According to jaimatadi it is not cruelty towards a high-fi & wellsetteled husband to refusing for a job. If there is any lawyer pls reply .


wife may not be able2get a job though husband like her to work.So it is not cruelty as per my knowledge.If she earns and husband take away her salary then it will be cruelty on HER.

This is according to law.

raj malhotra (M.D)     11 December 2011






Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     12 December 2011

Dear Tejaif husband insist or pressurized to wife for ding job & wife refuse to do job, there is no cruelty.

feel free to call

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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     12 December 2011

Cruelty cannot be defined and put in straight jacket formula.  It varies from society to society, from culture to culture and depends upon the econimic back ground of a family also.  So, when the courts decide that whether any cruelty has happened or not, they take all the relevant facts into consideration.  In a particular set of facts, even slapping a wife is not treated as cruelty, in other set of facts, just using four lettered foul word is treated as cruelty.

When husband insists a wife to do a job and accepts to share half burden in domestic chores, it cannot be treated cruelty.  If husband abandons domestic chores and asks the wife to do job and come back and do all the domestic work including serving the in-laws, then it may be cruelty.  These contents, in this para, are my subjective opinions. 

Personally, I feel, every capable woman shall take up some avocation to sustain herself, so that she can enjoy the economic independence.  If she is endowed with riches from parental family, then she must involve in social service so that the life  becomes purposeful.  Just bearing the children and rearing them give empty feeling in the old age.

Tejal (house wife)     12 December 2011

Thanks Mr. Nadeem . so she should not be afraid.


Thanks, Mr. Advocate chandu. As i know women arround me Women have no right to spend money on her self or by her choice even though they earn. they are just like a robot for their husband's family. who work,serve& earn.Very few husband allow their wives to enjoy the economical freedom.


In her case she has a 1& half months of baby boy , now you can understand how greedy that guy is.& thanks for informing that the husband & his family is doing cruelty on i advised her not to be afraid. but even though she will face mental torture about this. is there any steps to do for her , not a legal.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     12 December 2011

If the husband pressurizes the wife against her wishes, it is cruelty fit to get divorce.


If the husband pressurizes wife to part with her salary, it is curelty as defined under PWDVA, 2005.


This advise apart, my own thoughs hereinunder:


Why did this lady block a seat in the college to grow and be fit of earning, when she had no interest in pursuing the career?

When they got married, did this lady categorically told the husband that she wants to be a homemaker only.


I know my thoughts doesnot matter, but if yu also think about it, maybe situation would be a lil diffirent.



Shonee Kapoor
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Lifeisgreat (None)     12 December 2011

My first post to this board. There are few great advises.

First and foremst thing is why women think that rearing child or loving husband is the only occupation for them? If they knew all this why they wasted government money and took all education?

As mentioned  by Adv. Chandu, cruelty is if husband forces woman to earn, strip her earned money from her and if he do not help in household chores. If woman has control over her money (same way if husband has control over his own earned money) and if husband is helping her in rearing child and houshold chores, morally there is no cruelty.

Also since  woman is educated and belonging to well to do family, what prevented her family and herself to clarify  all before marriage? Same applies to men side.

In case you narrated, if men is wrong, woman side is equally wrong. You or your friend has not right to judge him as money minded or greedy.

babies are born  all over the world and in developed nations, most children grow up in DAY CARE centre, still thay have higher moral values than India society. So why treat Indian child as special child? Why cant they be put in day care and both parties in marriage shares equal resposibilities of marriage?

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