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Shivam (Law student)     14 June 2008

Internships and Juggad

Well here goes. I do not have Koon-tacts. None whatsoever. Zilch. And my attempts at juggad have been so futile that its not funny anymore. I mean, after sending my CV to 96 different places, (have become so thoroughly indoctrinated that the first thing my eyes catch on opening a webpage is the “Contact Us” link, and I’m not kidding) I did expect more responses other than the sole one I got from a godforsaken NGO in Pondicherry (the infidel seemed to get a kick out of insisting time and again that it was Pudducherry not Pondicherry) whose only requirement was that I buy some crappy T-shirt on joining. It just dosent work that way. I mean here u are, all complacent in the belief that after those looong hours spent on google, u’ll land at least one decent internship based on the strength of ur CV, and the next moment u’re sitting on ur wondering ass, trying to figure out ur bearings.


And it does wonder. It leads u to contemplate such philosophical questions like whether those assholes even bother to read ur mails (I spent two days just making the introduction letter….was doing it for the first time). Most of the time they don’t even answer and even if some do, they dole out some sh*t about “ALL SEATS ALREADY BEING FILLED UP”. Yeah right, and I’m Tom Cruise. And that goes double for the Law firms.Everything works on juggad. And I cant seem to warm up to the idea of my papaji  wondering in the presence of my jijaji , as to whether his friend X can land me an internship in the firm he works. Makes me wanna puke.


Network they say. Build ur own Kooooon-tacts. But its some preety discouraging sh*t. Call them up and pester them says my friend. Maybe that’s what I’ll do this time. Smooth talking and Convincing em of my greatness. Maybe this is the real training, perfecting the art of sycophancy. Who knows. I wonder how many of them have reliance numbers (all India STD free, u see).   


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