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Inter Caste Marriage - Advice Needed!

Greetings To All Experts & Members,

Hope you all are doing well I would like to bring your attention and seeking advice to the matter I am facing these days.

I am a working professional in IT company from last 3 years, During my education I met a girl who was 2 years junior to me. We started dating and roaming around in the college and on weekends and whenever we get the time to spend. During the course of time we fell in love and decided that we will spend rest of our life with each other once we get settled in our career goals.

We plan the road map that I will start working after my graduation and so did I so that the girls can prove a point that I am working and settle person and she planed to pursuit higher studies and once her study will complete we will tell our family and try to convince them to be agree on our decision. Her Mom and younger sister knows each and everything about our relation from beganing. 

Confession:- We had some bad phase in our relation everyone has like fight and some bitter moments like abusing each others but that all was verbal we never end-up in physical harms something like that but still we are together and we chosed to be to-gather we respect eachother we die to be with eachother.Its been 4 years since we are together and supporting truly each other in each and every situation.

Unfortunately in 2013 when her family members came know bout our relatio started the whole family drama she has a joint family. Except her father all other family member come to know and start not to accepting us, as she is punjabi and I belongs to sunar community. They are high profile people they threatened us that when the girl's father come to know the situation he will kill us both or will kill the entire family but will not accept our relation.

They said I belongs to lower caste and my culture is not as respectable as their. They are judging me on false ground like cast and negative image which they their self portrait about me. I have started earning immediately after my graduation so that they could not question my stability and now I am earning a handsome amount which is enough sufficient that we can live happily after marriage.

Biggest Turning Point:- After torturing me and her their family finally disclose it to her father recently last month. Her father is a business man I have assumed in starting that her father will understand us as he deals with many people in society and interact with mature people but my openion was wrong.

In Jan'14 I have got a call from one of her friends saying that her father has created some scene and torturing her regarding our relation she advice me to call to his dad. When I called on her mothers no he picked up the phone about one complete hour he humilated me with his all the entire life experience and made me fell life worst and useless. He put some condition before considering me as one of the candidate to marry his daughter to me.

1. We are not allow to talk to each other for next 2 years ( Me and the girl)

2. If I will try to contact her, He will through acid on my sister and mother.

3. He will rape my sister if I have any pic with the girl

4. If girl try to call me he will marry her with anybody breaking all the relation to her.

5. His objection is I belongs to OBC caste.

6. After two year he will give the thought process that am I a suitable option for her daughter or not (No guarantee after 2 years of seperation)

After this whole family drama the girl anyhow manage to sendme an email expressing all her feelings that she want to marry me but due to his father she is bound.

I request you the members and Experts to kindly provide the guidelines or course of action which I can take to fight for my love and my life.

Thanking you with folded hands and on my knees kindly help me!!!


Please Help!


you contact me. 8056003614


Hello dude,

Caste system is banned in India. The Girls father is living in Prehistoric era unfortunately all Business class families are like that in India........Filthy rich but Intellectually retarded .........Noone legally can stop your marriage from happening......Just get the girl and goto court and get married with witness legally.....then lets see what the Girls father does.......Get Police protection for you/your wife and your immediate family........I am sure there are laws in India that help you in giving protection from inter-caste marriage etc.........What the girls father can do?......Nothing.......Once you file a case that you are being abused and threatened based on Caste ......anything happens to you or your family ......the girls father will goto Jail for a long, long time.......Just go ahead and marry according to your wish.


You marry the girl as Saurav advises you. If the girl is confined and not allowed to met you, file a writ of habeas corpus in a court of law.

But don't think that it will be happily ever after as Saurau wants you to believe. If her father is very resourceful he can even kill you both. No police no one will come to protect you. Her father may be jailed or hanged. But of what use after you are dead.

If you manage to marry her,  both of you must abscond never to return at least until her father is dead in course of time.


i agree with both of opninon yu do the same as tthey saying as well any one not stop you if some one try too harm you file application in court for protection you safe 




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