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PRAKASHCHANDRA MARU (lawyer)     26 August 2010


In the court of  principal  junior division

Regular civil suit no    / 10

Mr  X  ……… plaintiff


mrs Y

mr  Z  …………defendant

subject  :-   to demolish the  construction which is  constructed illegally and  stop  further  construction  and  permanent  injunction with the connection of the said construction

That the  humble submission of the  plaintiff is that

1  That  plaintiff resides  at  Gomtighat  where the land  of  defendants mother is  situated. In the  area of the  plaintiff  the  defendant  no 1  illegally constructed on the otala ( sitting part of  out side of home ) approximately  3 feet and  constructed the three  feet  ravesh  out side on the  upper side and  due to this ravesh the  air and  light  obstructed to us  and in this way  it violates   easmentary rights of the  plaintiff the  details of the  said  property is  given in the schedule  A

2      the  property which is  situated  in the   Gomtighat which is  declatred  by the  government  the  residency zone the  home which was unused it was  purchased  by  defendant  no-1 or 2  and  in thebeside the  other old was  situated and  the  said old  home  demolished  by them and  started the construction   with out  taking any kind of the  prior  permission of the  concerned authority   and  with out the  following the  rules and  regulations of the  town planning    they converted the  said  property into  commercial zone  and encroached  the window of the  plaintiff   and  constructed ravesh as  disturb the  easmentaty  rights of the   plaintiff. And construct in this way  which  defects to the  rights of the  plaintiff .

        Therefore  plaintiff   on the  dated 30/3/09 written  the application to the  chief officer  for the  stop the  said  construction and   to take the  said  land as  in preivous  form   with the connection of the  said  application the   chief officer  informed to defendants to   remove the construction   but it was  useless no any order followed by defendant

4      as the work was in  progress therefore the  plaintiff again applied   to the  chief officer with the  showing the  photo graph of the  work is  going on  and with the  connection the  said  application  the  final instruction was  given to the  plaintiff  for the  remove the  construction by the  chief officer to the  defendant then also the  notice was  ignored  by the  defendant and  construction was  going on

Hence  the  plaintiff  take  the suit  with under stated  relief  before the  hon. Court


1      To  remove the construction which was  illegally constructed by the   defendant  by themselves or by other  and  make it as  previous  situation

2      To provide the all expenses by the  defendant to the  plaintiffs

3      other remedy which is  connected to this matter 

The  progress of the  case

in the  reply of the  defendant is  that they have  been done only renovation  but the  papers sale deed  produced by them  in the  both sale  deed  one  sale deed  there is  a sale deed of the  open  plot  so  on the  plot  the   renovation is not  possible only construction is  possible while  in the  other  sale deed  shows that  it was  purchaged  by the  defendant the  home  and it is  clearly written  in sale deed that  it is  58 year old  construction  means  he has constructed from the  base   practically way 

so for the  disclose the construction I applied  for the  panchnama of  expert  (civil engeenir ) for the  knowing the  opinion how many years  construction of  it  but it was  rejected by the   court 

now  I  am going to   apply for the  amendment application for the  joining party as  chief officer  why he has  not  removed the construction 

pls  guide me 





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