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Vinod (executive)     30 August 2010

Information for fighting 498a

Dear All (Sufferers and Advocates)

My matrimonial dispute is increasing day by day. I am living in constant fear of 498a and other related cases against me and my family. Now I want to leave the gal, what may come. Just wanna ask the members about the following things (Please provide point to point answers) :

1. If I leave her, it is very much possible that she will such cases against me and my family. My mother is a patient of epilepsy and had a disablity certificate. My sister is unmarried. What are the chances of getting the Anticipatory Bail for them?

2. What is the approximate cost of fighting such cases? Lumpsum Idea, just to check my financial capability.

3. She is working. Can she still demand alimony/ maintenance? And if yes what will be the financial burden on me.

4. I want to leave my job. Should i state in my resignation letter that 'Due to matrimonial problems at home, it won't be possible on concentrate on my job"

5. The girl is demanding her articles but not ready to sign the list and is threatening that I will have to return the articles given on marriage whether she sign or not. 6. Separated from mother's home 21 days back. No contact of wife with mother and sister till date.

7. Somebody had advised that call police when In-laws come.. and note everything in General Diary maintained by the police. But I personally think that this will ruin the situation further. 8. What are the chances of conviction? Please advise


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Manish (It Professional)     30 August 2010

Dear Vinod, I am not a law expert but a law (498a) victim, but I think i foght my case little wisely, may be its not wise to advice by me but looking at your case i can definitely say following.

1. Try to resolve your matrimonial disputes by discussion and if u think there are circumstances it can not be wise to be with your wife than follow below.

2. State each and every fact in written and submit a complaint against your wife and your in-laws if they have made any mistake, dont go for FIR at this point.

3. If she go for any kind of case then be sure that she has to prove her allegations.

4. If you mention everything true to the police then there are good police in the police who will help you by filling final report.

Law is gender biased everybody is in favour of females, But if you are sure you have not made any mistake then do not fear with 498a or anything, believe in god and be confident. I must say 498a is nothing but a fear due to which wives and there parents harasses husband families...

Any way..onething I must say that try to save your matrimonial life for whatever you have to do...once its gone to police and court..both suffers and only police, lawyers and even judges enjoys family disputes......

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     30 August 2010

She may file a cases just to harrash you.

You  all will get the anticipatory bial there is no doubt

Cost of fighting depends on the Advocate

When she is working she cannot claim any maintenance

Why you want to resign.  By resinging what wil do for lively hood.  Dont afraid of the cases, time wil come.  Whatever you are suffering will teach you lesson.  Take courage and do your work.

Vinod (executive)     30 August 2010

I want to resolve the issue but the thing is that am very much afraid about my mother and sister. The whole home is disturbed. Living apart from my mother and sister and there is nobody to look after them. Have departed from my home on the pressure of girl and advise from advocates. Girl still not settling, again putting pressure on me. It seems that she is taking revenge of something and when I try to solve the issue by mutual talks, she is not ready for it. It's all matter of anger and I too get frustrate, not able to concentrate on my job and social life. So made up my mind to break my marriage.

Don't know where the life is going...

Have taken some recording of wife, where she is saying that my mother had tortured her and also said that she has not brought any dowry. Though I have said in the recording that nothing has happened like that and she is telling the lie. What are the complications with this recording?

She is demanding everything given during the marriage but I have put a condition that first of all sign the list of articles and only then I will return the things. I need nothing. She is denying for signing the list and also threatened , " You will return everything whether I sign or not"

Seriously the worst thing experienced in life is marriage.

dirdzReddy (Software engineer)     07 September 2010

please try contacting a family counsellor before you take any decisions.

Better find a good counsellor and give it a try. then the actual truth of the problem may come out.

Try to analyse the problem. dont let go your married before trying, if you love your wife and your wife loves you.

498avictim (analyst)     07 September 2010



Please join forum and read the pre-498a survival kit.


This forum was a great help for many dealing with abusive women.

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