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Prakash Yedhula (Lawyer)     01 December 2009

Indian Patent Agent Examination 2010

Patent Agent exam 2010 to be conducted on 23rd january (written) and 24th/25th viva. 


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UMA DEVI MADASANI (INCHARGE IPR DEPARTMENT & HR DEPARTMENT: CS (Executive) student)     01 December 2009

Thank you sir,

I have been waiting for this notification since long time.

Rohit Sharma (Advocate)     11 December 2009

Can anyone advise me on 'how to prepare for patent agent examination Paper-II' and also tell me the names of somebooks to prepare from?



Rohit Sharma

UMA DEVI MADASANI (INCHARGE IPR DEPARTMENT & HR DEPARTMENT: CS (Executive) student)     11 December 2009

Hi  Rohit,

Congrants for deciding to attempt patent agent exam.  Brainleague is providing online course for patent agent exams.


Rohit Sharma (Advocate)     12 December 2009

Thankyou very much for the Information Ma'am.

Shubhendu (none)     13 December 2009

Hi, everyone.

I have master's degree in Life Science and want to pursue a career in IPR field but Im a bit apprehensive about future in this field. Im planning to take Jan 2010 Patent Agent Exam.

Please, please help me with following questions

1, Wat are the job prospects after qualifying Patent Agent Examination pertaining mainly to job profile n salary packages?

2, Books one needs to go through for this exam.

3,Is self study sufficient or one needs to join some kinda coaching?


Iftikhar Ahsan (Indian Patent Agent)     15 December 2009

Dear Mr. Shubh,

You will get the job if you qualify  patent agent exam plus diploma in IPR.

Main Industries are Law firm, LPO, Pharma, KPO and biotech companies.

Job profile would be like patent analyst doing analysis, all the time setting in a corner, another one as patent agent frequently going to patent office and meeting Examinars. You can also start your own practice after 5 to 6 years of experiance.

Starting salary would be approx 15000 to 35000 rupees per month depending upon the profile of  company and  candidate.

There is no specialized book but you can refer patent mannual and Indian Patent Act available at IPO website.

You need to have guidance to start with.

Please note that this is my personal opinion.

With Regards,

Iftikhar Ahsan








Shubhendu (none)     15 December 2009

Dear Mr. Iftikhar Ahsan,

Thanx a million. This IPR stuff sounds boring (acc to u) n I will be very obliged if u can help me by elaborating a bit about preperation of  this exam as Im neophyte to this field.Be in touch n keep updating if possible.

Balaji (Advocate)     16 December 2009


kirtirani sole (Student)     02 January 2010

Thank u sir...

I'm pursuing LLM, I'm not eligible for exam since i'm not science graduate or not related to Engineering or Tech. But i'm very much interesting in this fiield. Please anybody guide me. whether any other exam is conducted in this field? 

Thanx n Regards.

Rohit Sharma (Advocate)     02 January 2010

First of all a very happy New Year to all of you.

IPR is picking up by leaps and bounds these days and there is lot of demand and need for   such career options in present time. There are instances where the Corporate Houses are looking for right candidates to begin and continuously look after their IP departments. The      profession of practicing as patent attorneys offers increasing opportunities in India as well as abroad.But for working abroad one need to clear their elegibility requirements.

According to me the best way to Prepare for the Patent Agent Examination is as below

Step-1 Read the previous year Papers given on the Govt. of India Intellectual Property website.

Step-2 Read patent Act from any book on Intellectual Property or Patents.According to me one such book is Demystifying Intellectual property rights by N.R Subbaram, former controller of Patents,Govt of india. there are books in the market which have explained Patents in very easy language.

Step-3 Now try to solve the questions yourself which you have read in Step-1.



Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma (Advocate)     02 January 2010

Prasad Patwardhan (Techno-Legal professional)     03 January 2010

Brainleague courses are very expensive.

Can someone suggest notes or small books etc.

I have seen Wadhera'sbook on IPR but that would cover only first paper of this exam.

Prasad Patwardhan (Techno-Legal professional)     03 January 2010

Can an inventer apply for both Product as well as a Process Petent simultaneously for the same subject matter ?

Rohit Sharma (Advocate)     04 January 2010

Dear Mr.Prasad Patwardhan

The Indian Patent Act states that the patents shall be granted for all inventions whether products or processes which satisfy the conditions of novelty, inventive step and utility with certain exceptions available in section 3 and section 4.

And in accordance with section 10(5), the claim of complete specification must relate to single invention or to group of inventions which are linked to each other by single inventive concept.

So, according to me the inventer can apply for both product as well as process Patent in the same application.


Rohit Sharma

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